Netbooks Versus Mobile Internet Devices – What Is A MID

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.5.2009. | 12:22

So you want something to access the Internet, use as a navigation based system, do video Chats and send and receive e-mails. That’s it.

You don’t want to spend more on expensive features you’ll never really need or use and you’ve heard wonderful things about Netbooks and Mobile Internet Devices.

But which one should you choose?

Netbooks and MIDs are all the rage at the moment. They promise great functionality and portability for users, but what exactly are they? And what exactly can they do? And who would buy one?

In this two part series I am going to go through the features of each and then look at who netbooks suit best and who MIDs suit best.

Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs)


Mobile Internet Device (MID) - Multimedia PC with Touchscreen
MIDs are a class of ultra-portable mobile devices aimed at consumers and business professionals. They mix wireless internet access/communication with productivity options.

MIDs are focused on providing rich multimedia handheld functionality and portable wireless internet access. They are designed with entertainment, information and location-based services in mind.

Mobile Internet Device (MID) - Multimedia PC with Touchscreen
Larger than traditional smartphones, MIDs emphasizes their connectivity and a broader range of accessible services.

Although netbooks and MIDs might look a little alike there are significant design differences.

MIDs are smaller than netbooks to the point where they are pocket-sized. They are cheaper, although there is significantly less choice on offer due to the domination of netbooks in the mobile computing market.

    • Price: Keenly priced, affordable
    • Screen Size: 4” to 6”
    • Interface: touchscreen or very small physical keyboards
    • Features: Strongly skewed toward connectivity instead of performance
    • Upgradeability: Limited due to hardware restrictions
    • OS Choice: Limited due to hardware restrictions
    • Product Range: Limited, lack of market penetration
    • Market Demand: Generally low demand due to established branding of smartphones and netbooks
    • Level of Support: Low
    • Size: Compact and pocket-sized, highly portable



So Which Should I Choose?


netbookmobile internet devices
The ultralight connectivity device which is right for you largely on what you need it for and the circumstances you are going to use it in.

For portability and a compact device, then a netbook is already a good choice however an MID is pocket-sized offering a higher level of convenience.

However, an MID has less powerful hardware, leading to a smaller feature set. The netbook market offers more technical development and innovation however this comes at a price, both financially and also in terms of their larger size.

Take a look at your own needs are, decide what you can’t do without. This will help you focus on the features that you need. Then check out the great MIDs and netbooks from Chinavasion.

Check out Part One where we examine the netbook.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.5.2009. | 12:22
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