New Dropshipping Rules A Danger For Wholesale Electronics Resellers

Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.10.2013. | 10:00

One way to sell gadgets on the Internet is to work with a company that is willing to dropship wholesale electronics. A client pays you for a gadget, you provide the shipping address to your supplier, you pay the supplier, the supplier ships the product under your label, the client receives the gadget and everyone’s happy.
This does, however, present quite a few problems if not everything goes according to plan – which is why auction sites are clamping down on dropshippers that fail to meet a tightened set of criteria. Here are some of the more important ones you need to keep in mind:

Quantifiable standards of quality

One of the biggest concerns of auction sites is clients receiving wholesale gadgets that don’t quite live up to the descriptions on your store. The last thing you want to do is get your account yanked because a client complained of receiving a sub-par item that isn’t what he or she expected from your store. It is for this reason that you must set standards of quality that are measurable and are not just descriptive. Battery life, processor speed, material composition and even the packaging are some examples of these quantifiable standards. Back these descriptions up with multiple pictures that showcase the product from different angles to let your buyer know what to expect.

Constant attention to shipping schedules

Another major headache with dropshipping wholesale electronics is having them come later than expected. You have to work closely with your gadget wholesaler to know how the order is coming along, otherwise you’ll end up taking a huge hit on your reputation should the order come late. This is also why you have to work with a trusted supplier with a long history of reliable performance rather than a supplier that has just popped up out of the blue. You really don’t want to pay top dollar for cheap wholesale electronics only to find orders coming in late. Even worse is when your supplier runs away with your cash – definitely the worst case scenario on your end!

Backup supply stocks or dropshippers

Another major problem that auction sites have with dropshipping is broken promises. Your account will take a serious reputation hit when you say that you have x number of items in stock when in fact your electronics wholesaler has already run out. Having to tell your customer that you actually don’t have those items in stock will get you in serious trouble, which is why you need to have an alternate source of bulk electronics to cover for any lacking orders. You can do this by either stockpiling bulk gadgets yourself or working with multiple dropshippers to ensure that any products you advertise on your site are covered. If this is not possible, then you need to constantly keep in touch with your dropshipper to put an “out of stock” notice on your store before any damage is done.


Of course working with a reputable experienced dropshipper like Chinavasion is one way to avoid theses concerns. Find out more at our dropshipping page.
Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.10.2013. | 10:00
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