Aprils Four Hottest Gadgets For Resellers

Author xlxmarketing 1.5.2009. | 12:43

Did you miss out on the hottest gadgets at Chinavasion? We’re not really surprised.

April 2009 was an exciting month for us here at Chinavasion.

We added another 80 new products to our online catalog and uploaded over 20 new videos onto our website and sister site on Youtube reaching the hallowed 300 video mark.

With all that activity we know it is easy to miss some of the new products we added this month, so here is a recap of three items from March:

[CVGF-G24] 10 Color LED Flashlight

10 color LED flashlight10 color LED flashlight

How many kids didn’t like camping outdoors? We’ll here’s the flashlight to make all those spooky stories, nighttime games and, dare we say it, lightsabre fights, come to life.

The 10 color LED flashlight gives you a virtual rainbow of colors, with white, red, green, blue, orange, purple, yellow, pink, light blue and light green all being available.

This 3-watt LED torchlight is made of die cast aluminum and contains RGB color LED’s that blend to give you ten vibrant colors (including white) with a wide beam of light in a fixed or flashing mode.

Designed with premium details and craftsmanship, this torch light will stand up to the toughest of punishments. From the all weather rubber encased buttons to the slide-in battery pack (holding 3 AAA batteries), every facet of this flashlight has been constructed to provide years of reliable use.

And it even comes in shipments of two so there’s going to be no arguments over who gets stuck with the ‘boring old flashlight’ again.

10 color LED flashlight

[CVGP-T21] Radio Control Drifting Toy RC Racing Car

We finally did it!

You have been asking for high quality, factory direct RC toys for a long time now, and we finally delivered on your request – and in grand style!

With a selection of 14 new styles, we can make sure you get your Radio Controlled vehicles at the absolute lowest price available in the market today!

These styles are selection will just blow your customers away!

We even took the time to research new ways to have these products shipped to you in order to save on the transportation costs.

By using our enhanced shipping methods or using your own freight forwarder we can have stock quantities sent to you in ways that will save lots of money.

[CVSC-M28] QuickSlide Quad Band Dual SIM Cell Phone + TV and Bluetooth

QuickSlide Quad Band Dual SIM Cell Phone + TV and Bluetooth

A good quality cellphone is as necessary as your wallet these days. Sometimes it seems it would be good if you could have more than one phone.

While we cannot help you in getting a second wallet, we can help you with a second cell phone!

How? Simply by making it so you don’t need to buy one!!

Who needs two mobile phones when you can have one what will do the work of two!!!

By having a mobielphone with two SIM card slots that are both active at the same time. Thanks to this phone, which is dual SIM/dual standby you can have two independent phone numbers work on the one phone.

This mobilephone has a great touch screen interface that makes calling and messaging quick and easy. The keypad has finger friendly buttons, and the viewscreen is crystal clear and the software interface is easy to use.

In addition, this model has Bluetooth, TV, text and picture messaging, picture and video camera, MP3 and MP4 music and video players, 1GB of memory, and many more great digital media features.

This model really does seem like it is two phones in one, but of course comes with a direct from the factory budget price. Be the first on your block to get this hot new model!

QuickSlide Quad Band Dual SIM Cell Phone + TV and Bluetooth

[CVSB-K29] 21st Century Mickey USB Webcam with Fan + Microphone + LED Light

21st Century Mickey USB Webcam with Fan + Microphone + LED Light

Is it a webcam with MIC? Is it a fan? Is it an LED desk lamp? IT IS ALL OF THEM! Yes, we have given you one webcam to rule them all.

With an adjustable neck and suction base, you can easily mount this webcam on any flat desktop surface. By using the spiral metal gooseneck you can then aim the camera and microphone at any angle you find most useful. Combine these two fantastic webcam features with the addition of an aimable two blade

What’s even better is that the fan and the light can easily be removed and plugged into your USB port to give you light, or cool air, where you need it when you need it. No more fiddling around in the back of your CPU in the dark with this baby.

The fan and bright LED desk light make this one product your desktop has been screaming for.

Make your computer time more interesting and rewarding with the USB Webcam with Fan + Microphone + LED Light from Chinavasion.

21st Century Mickey USB Webcam with Fan + Microphone + LED Light

So go and check out these fantastic products at Chinavasion and find out what profits you have been missing out out. And, if you haven’t already Subscribe to our YouTube Channel You’ll get to see videos of all of our hottest gadgets before the rest of the world even knows that they exist.

Author xlxmarketing 1.5.2009. | 12:43
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