SALE: ThL and ZOPO phones prices slashed!

Author xlxmarketing 11.10.2013. | 14:30

The Chinavasion ThL and ZOPO phones were already very attractively prices given the amazing specs. Those smartphones are great value for money given their amazing quality and user experience. Guess what. Chinavasion got a great deal with the manufacturers and that why the prices are now significantly reduced!

Grab your favorite ThL or ZOPO phone now! See below the list of phones with new prices


Product Code Product Name Price
CVEM-M449-Black ZOPO ZP990 Black $369.53
CVEM-M449-White ZOPO ZP990 White $369.53
CVFD-ThL-W8S-Black ThL W8s Black $269.99
CVFD-ThL-W11-White-32GB ThL W11 “Monkey King” White $289.99
CVFD-ThL-W11-Black-32GB ThL W11 “Monkey King” Black $289.99
CVFD-ThL-W8S-White ThL W8s White $269.99
CVEM-M451-Black ZOPO ZP990 Black $319.99
CVFD-ThL-W11-White ThL W11 “Monkey King” White $249.99
CVFD-ThL-W11-Black ThL W11 “Monkey King” Black $249.99

But wait I am a dropshipper!
If you are a dropshipper you will get even more discounts. Login and see for yourself. Make sure to list those phones in your eBay store or eCommerce storeasap and start selling them now while they are hot!

I want to become a dropshipper!
Becoming a dropshipper is easy. Anyone can become a dropshipper, while working comfortably from home and make money.

Checkout this page to find out more about dropshipping:
Wholesale Dropshipping

By the way don’t forget all the VIP benefits that dropshippers can enjoy:
VIP Benefits

If you have any more questions about our ThL or ZOPO phones, make sure to leave a comment. Dropshipping related questions are of course also welcome!

Author xlxmarketing 11.10.2013. | 14:30
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  1. sohag October 11, 15:14

    i need this one

  2. santosh more December 2, 16:34

    i want to buy 1 the best 1 of the following smartphone-1.umi cross,2.ulephone u650,3.zopo captain s zp990.but i have some questions related with these product to clearify with you to choose the best one as follows-
    1.for concerning umi cross-what is the front facing camera resolutions?
    2.for concerning ulephone u650-what is the front facing camera resolutions?jconfirme weight of phone with including battery?is that having wifi-hotspot?what is the bluetooth version of this phone?what is th HSDPA & HSUPA Rate of this phone?
    3.for concerning zopo captain s zp990-what is the perfect an tu tu benchmark rate for this product?
    tell me also what are the above eachone of the smartphone original and overall prices in INR(indian rupees)to delivering the products in india(mumbai city)?how much days it will take to deliver in hand of me?what are the methods of payment you will accept?please clearify all the above queries regarding the above products as i want to buy the bestest one as soon as possible.THANKING YOU.WAITING IN YOUR FASTEST FEEDBACK.

  3. Shirley December 6, 15:25

    Hi Santosh, we will contact you by email shortly

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