How A RC Tank Got Me In Trouble With My Boss, With Video

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.4.2009. | 16:37

By Michael Wong

Several weeks ago, our one of our sourcing teams came back from visiting an RC toy factory roughly 8 hours away from Shenzhen by car.

The consensus was that they had found some great toys at great prices. And now it was up to our team to thoroughly test them out.

I still remember picking up the Radio Control Amphibious Transformer Toy RC Tank and thinking to myself “Whoa! This is solidly built!”

rc tankrc tank

While you would naturally a toy tank to be built tough there are a few RC toys out there that don’t quite make it. I’ve tested many RC toys in my day and reject almost 90% of them because of various problems.

Problems including pitifully short battery times (one radio control toy I tried lasted all of 2 minutes) and fragility (an RC car I once tested, nicked a wall and fell apart like it was held together with kindergarten paste)

But this RC Tank was different. It felt solid and had big chunky studded wheels, like the kind you might find on a Tonka toy.

When I picked up the radio control and throttled the thumb sticks, the tank sprang to life with incredible sensitivity.

I was able to get some pretty good pick up with it and then when I let go to release the power: the tank stopped as suddenly as a party that’s run out of booze!

Impressed I was!!

Appearance-wise I was debating with myself whether I was comfortable with the personnel carrying compartments on the tank which honestly reminded me of drink holders.

I soon found out why the compartments were shaped that way when I stopped to read the box:


I ran down the stairs three steps at a time and headed to the fountain in front of our office building.

With a click of the remote controller I caused the wheels to fold into the compartments and stood dumbfounded as the land tank transformed into an aquatic behemoth.

Having placed it in water, I hit the throttle again and giggled gleefully as the RC toy ejected jets of air inside the water to propel itself forward.

I think I spent a little too long playing with the toy because my manager snapped me out of my reverie 30 minutes later. Not sure what he said exactly but it might have been a question. Something to do with about whether I liked having a job…

So I was at my desk again, rummaging through the box and I saw a smaller box inside.

I opened it up and notice hundreds of tiny yellow orbs within.

“What on earth are these for?” I asked myself. Then I had a total epiphany.

Those tiny yellow orbs — BB’s!!!!!

It threw them out with some force too. Check out the video below if you don’t believe me…

At this point, Baya, one of my fellow catalog experts, came over to my desk and asked:

“Think beer cans could fit into those holes?”

What an intruding question I thought to myself.

So while I would give this RC tank two thumbs up they are too sore from all the ‘testing’ I have been doing of it. Check out this RC tank now and get yourself a ‘sample’ you won’t regret it.

And to that previous question the answer is yes.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.4.2009. | 16:37
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  1. Sid November 6, 18:32

    This tank is amazing and the features init.


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