Time To See A Doctor About A Guitar Effects Pedal?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.6.2013. | 13:55

Created by the designer known as Dr. J, this guitar amplifier helps you bring the noise and burn the roof down. Having a range of features that will help you re-create the golden sounds of the Beatles or Buddy Holly, this guitar effects pedal is called the “Dr. J D51 Arsenal Distortion”. Make sounds and beats while guitar gently weeps as you pull away at your 6 string instrument.


Key Features

Guitar Effects Pedal – Design to support your guitar by simply connecting via a cable.

Tone, Presence, Distortion and Output Knob Adjustments – Many different adjustments give you more control over the sound you want to achieve.

Broad Tone Adjustments – Broad tone adjustments take your sound where you want it.

True Bypass Design – The true bypass design means that the wiring allows it to stay out of the way when off.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.6.2013. | 13:55
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  1. Rob June 27, 07:38

    Very cool.

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