Chinavasion’s Choice: Vision – World’s First Android 4.2 Tablet Projector

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.6.2013. | 09:57

Chinavasion has possibly one of the newest and coolest pieces of technology available today at a great wholesale price. With this 7 inch tablet, you can view your videos and play your games on the quality 1024×600 IPS 5 point capacitive touch screen or instead project it against a solid plain surface due to having a built-in DLP projector. This is the “Vision” and it will let you see things in a completely different way especially as it is jammed packed with many features including WiFi, 2 cameras, 8GB of internal memory as well as the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system.


Key Features

A World’s First – Never before has a tablet had the ability to project it’s display in full 50 inch.

7 Inch Tablet with Built-in Projector – A brilliant combination that combines the useability and functionality of a tablet with the projection feature of a projector.

DLP Projection Means More Efficient & Better Use of Lumens than LED Projection – DLP Projection Means More Efficient Use of Lumens than LED Projection – DLP uses mirrors that corresponds to the projector’s 854×480 resolution and then the mirrors are repositioned rapidly to reflect light through the lens, therefore this tablet’s projection display will be fantastic even though it only has 40 Lumens.

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Operating System – The latest version of Android ensures you get the most that you can from a operating system with the ability to customize and download a from a vast range of applications.

1024×600 IPS 5 Point Capacitive Touch Screen – A quality screen with a high resolution that can detect the slightest tip of your finger for precise and accurate navigation and control.

8GB Internal Memory – Plenty of storage that is already built-in to the tablet as well as the ability to boost it by an additional 32GB due to a micro SD card slot.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.6.2013. | 09:57
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  1. Renata December 9, 06:23

    This is the best phone and widely need. Start with me because I want one to for a reasonable price. Like the the good prices on chinavision.con? this web site

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