Microsoft Kills Off Outlook/Hotmail Linked Accounts, Introduces Aliases

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.6.2013. | 11:10


If you’re a Hotmail/ user and have several accounts linked to each other using the ‘linked accounts’ facility, this news might come a bit as a shock but Microsoft is about to kill this extremely handy feature.

Linked Accounts allowed users to switch between accounts in a few simple clicks and saving you the hassle of logging in multiple times for multiple addresses. Trouble is, this is soon going to change.

According to Microsoft, over the next couple of months the service will be stopped and instead they will help people to move to a more robust and secure way of managing multiple email addresses. Users of linked accounts who want to consolidate their email will need to set up email forwarding to their primary account.

The reason for its decision to kill off linked accounts is that while the feature was handy for the users, it was also benefiting the bad guys, as linking accounts means that hackers could gain access to multiple email accounts by just compromising one.

Are you a user of Outlook’s linked accounts? What do you think about Microsoft’s decision? Let us know in the comments below!

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.6.2013. | 11:10
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  1. Alan June 20, 22:26

    Microsoft seem to be trying to drive away their email users. The change from hotmail to outlook may have been understandable but the fact that vast quantities of junk started appearing when the change occurred suggests a connection. Now they are removing one of the most useful functions by taking away linked accounts. Like many people I have more than one email address using one for personal, another for business and another for possible junk producers. One log in makes all available. I feel more threatened by Microsoft making decisions for themselves without consulting users than I do from hackers. If Microsoft really think we will happily sign out of one account and sign on to another as an alternative they must live on another planet. What most of us will do is decide that this is one step to far and move elsewhere.

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