Fast Bluetooth Coupling, How To Pair A Bluetooth Car DVD With A Cell Phone In One Minute Or Less

Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.4.2009. | 19:46

So, you've just bought a car with a car DVD player or bought a China wholesale car DVD player from Chinavasion and got it hooked up.

You're able to watch movies, find out where you're going with the GPS navigation system (You can read about how to get GPS navigation software into your car DVD with Ali Dayekh's blog on the easy to follow guide to setting up your car DVD). But things aren't as they good as they could be yet.

See, your cellphone and car DVD player aren't working as one yet. Which means currently you aren't able to:

  • Dial calls from your car DVD player touchscreen.

  • Talk to your caller through the car DVD player's built-in MIC.

  • Listen to your caller through your car speaker system (It can do that??!! Oh yes dear reader, it can)

But fear not, by the end of this short blog post, life in your car will indeed be perfect.

Pairing Your Cellphone With Your Car DVD Player


From your car DVD player main menu, select 'Bluetooth'. Depending on the car DVD player model you purchased, Bluetooth pairing can be easy or really easy.Easy means that you have to press the Pair button once you're on the Bluetooth screen.Really easy means that you do not have to press a pair button. In other words, the car DVD player is ready to connect to your cellphone the second you enter the Bluetooth screen.


When it comes to pairing with a phone Bluetooth car DVDs like these can be ranked between easy and super easy.


Now, pick up your cellphone and locate your 'Bluetooth' screen. I use a Nokia 6300 and from my main menu, I go to 'Settings', then 'Connectivity', then 'Bluetooth'.

Ali Dayekh whose interesting Chinavasion blogs I'm sure you've also read, has a Motorola phone where you go to Settings, then Connections, then Bluetooth.

On the other hand, Laura, our resident artist and video producer uses a state of the art Samsung. From the main menu, she goes to the Bluetooth screen directly.

And Gareth, who is a bit of atechnogeekcutting edge type of guy has the Chinavasion Super Cool Mobile Phone Wrist Watch which hides the bluetooth functions away in Services, Bluetooth.

Once there, you will be given various options. First, if it isn't on already, turn on Bluetooth transmission/reception. Usually this involves, toggling the function on or off. Most cellphones have Bluetooth turned off by default.

Next, allow your phone to be detected by other Bluetooth devices. The wording may be different depending on your phone model. On my Nokia, it's called 'My Phone's Visibility' and I have the choices of:

  • Permanent visibility

  • Temporary visibility

  • Hidden

While it sounds like a contradiction in terms I always choose 'Temporary visibility' so I revert to be hidden after my pairing session. Yes I have trust issues Google Bluetooth hacking ( to find out why.


Nope, I have no idea why I'm so paranoid about permanent bluetooth connectivity


Next search for Bluetooth devices within proximity, which in this case would be the car DVD player.

On my Nokia, this option is called 'Search Audio Enhanc.' (short for 'enhancements')

A list of active devices will be displayed along with the option to pair. Most Chinavasion car DVD players will display as CAR KIT in your active device list. Scroll to select it and select 'Pair'.

You'll be asked to enter a password which in this case, is a request from the car DVD player to confirm you are the owner. You'll find the password in your car DVD player's instruction manual.

Within 10 seconds you cellphone and car DVD player will be paired and you'll be able to keep your eyes on road, while talking to those who matter most.

pairing bluetooth phones


Wondering how to pair other bluetooth devices check out this blog on pairing bluetooth phones


Get out there and get your phone and car DVD working in unison. If you haven't already check out Chinavasion's fantastic range of unlocked cell phones or Bluetooth car DVDs and consider upgrading your technology.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.4.2009. | 19:46
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