Chinese Retailers Can Open Stores on Sina Weibo

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.5.2013. | 16:52

In April of this year, Alibaba acquire Sina Weibo(China equivalent twitter) about 18% of the shares through its wholly owned subsidiary, marking the commerciality of Sina Weibo is officially open. Up to now, Sina Weibo has been trying to open the recommendation booth for Alibaba’s B2C web site -Taobao’s commodities.

Alibaba and Sina Weibo have agreed that in the future, the two companies will cooperate together in the user account interoperability, data exchange, online payment, online marketing and other areas.

After the investment, both parties are speeding up the integration. According to the internal sources that now taobao sellers are able to open stores on Sina Weibo through the application called “excellent items library”.

Currently, only authenticated enterprise-level users can enjoy such feature. Before they sell stuff on Sina Weibo, sellers must firstly fill in the shop’s name, Alipay account, contact name and phone number and other authentication information via “excellent items Library” application.

Alibaba and Sina
Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.5.2013. | 16:52
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  1. TeaOnline June 4, 12:49

    Cool image, I actually didn’t know about Sina Weibo, but after a little research I found it’s a huge company.

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