Leap Motion Windows 8 Gesture-Control Demo

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.5.2013. | 00:09

Leap Motion has rolled out a preview of its gesture-control functionality on Windows 8. It allows users to go hands-off when using their computer, controlling via gestures made in front of the display without actually touching the screen. Just like in a sci-fi movie.

It allows you to perform touch actions without a touchscreen and without using any stylus. The device connects to a PC via USB, and works out of the box. You can see real use demo video below.

As you might suspect, the device’s usefulness extends beyond just tapping Windows tiles and scrolling through web results. As with a touchscreen device, it can be used to sketch, to sign digital documents, and to play games, among other things. Says Leap Motion, this video is a preview for those interested to check out before the device enters beta testing next month, during which period developers will get to use the unit.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.5.2013. | 00:09
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