How to Avoid Running out of Battery: A Li-ion Smartphone Battery Guide

Author xlxmarketing 24.5.2013. | 16:44

Science and technology is continuously advancing, and mobile phones have become powerful, super fast, user friendly and multi-functional. You have to admit they are not just making your life more convenient, but also taking an important part of your social life and entertainment. However, there is still one thing left that is giving you headaches:

The more intensive you are using your smart phone battery, the faster you run out of your smartphone battery. It’s time to learn some tricks to extend your cell-phone battery’s life. These situations must sound familiar to you:

– You expecting an important business call but while you are on the road to your office, your battery dies….

– You are having a date with a hot chick, just when you were about to confirm your exact meeting point; you battery is taking a deep winter sleep.

– You are about to hit your all-time high Temple Run score, but just when it’s getting exciting, your smartphone battery gives up…

Read further to discover how to avoid these situations in the future.

Do I have to charge my battery for more than 12 hours when used the first time?

The answer is short: ‘it depends’. Most people think you have to overcharge your batteries before you use them the first time. This was true for nickel-based batteries that belong to the old days. Nowadays we use Li-ion batteries, which only should be charged for about 3-5 hours. It would damage the battery if you over charge it! Read more here:

When you should charge you battery?

Not only over charging your cellphone would damage the Li-ion battery, but also waiting for the battery drain to zero before charging. Again here, this would be true for nickel-based batteries only. We have simple rule of thumb here: When you cell phone remind you to charge your smartphone battery, then it is the time to do it.

Why you should clean your battery and store it properly

Sometimes you battery will accumulate dirt which might hurt the efficiency of power transfer. Take the battery out of your smartphone and check it once in a month. Clean the dirt by a slightly wet cotton swab. If you don’t plan to use your battery for a long time, then put it in an airtight container when you plan to store it for a long time. Make sure it still has at least 40% charge before you store it. Recharge the battery after half of year storage.

Some other awesome tips that will make your life easier

1. It is better to use the original adapter to charge instead of using an USB charge cable or anuniversal charger.

2. Don’t make calls or play games while your battery is charging.

3. Charge your battery frequently if you can.

4. Don’t leave your device plugged in all the time.

5. Keep it away from excessive heat and don’t leave it under strong sunlight for too long.

It might be that you already stick to all the rules above, but still have battery issues. Than you probably are heavily addicted to your smartphone meaning that you can’t leave it alone for longer than 5 minutes. In such a case make sure to get one of those external batteries to make your life easier:

Author xlxmarketing 24.5.2013. | 16:44
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