Charge your cell phone in 20 seconds

Author xlxmarketing 23.5.2013. | 16:48

A teenage girl from California has attracted the tech giant Google for her revolutionary invention which it can charge a phone in 20 seconds. This 18 years old girl named the super-fast charging device as Super-capacitor.

For now she has only used the super-capacitor to power a light-emitting diode and LED. But she said one day the invention could be used in powering cell phone, cars or any electronic gadgets, rechargeable batteries. The super-capacitor is tiny and has the potential to hold the charge longer than current devices, lasting for 10,000 charge-recharge cycles, compared to only 1,000 cycles on conventional rechargeable batteries.

This girl named Esha Khare, she is specializing in nanochemistry and going to Harvard for college. Her amazing invention has attracted many multi-national companies.

If this super-capacitor gets released, then waiting hours for a mobile phone to charge could become a thing of the past. Read more…

Author xlxmarketing 23.5.2013. | 16:48
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  1. Christina June 3, 16:57

    Esha, great invention.

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