What is Bluetooth Smart?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.5.2013. | 21:37

As we recently wrote, the next Android versions will support Bluetooth Smart technology. Bluetooth v4.0 is the most recent version of Bluetooth wireless technology. It includes a low energy feature that is the basis for Bluetooth Smart devices. Bluetooth v4.0 introduced low energy technology to the Bluetooth Core Specification, enabling new Bluetooth Smart devices that can operate for months or even years on tiny, coin-cell batteries. Markets for these new devices include health care, sports and fitness, security, and home entertainment.

This generation of Bluetooth is split into two groups: Bluetooth Smart Ready and Bluetooth Smart. To understand why the tech has been split, you first have to look at the challenges facing Bluetooth as we know it. Those challenges are  battery drain and the constant pairing and re-pairing of connected gadgets. Bluetooth 4.0 is designed to be more intelligent (hence: Bluetooth Smart) about managing those connections, especially when it comes to conserving energy. The new generation of Bluetooth tech places less emphasis on maintaining a constant stream of information. Instead, it focuses on sending smaller bits of data when needed and then puts the connection to sleep during periods of non-use. When two 4.0 devices are paired, they waste less battery power because the connection is dormant unless critical data is being shared. With the previous generation of Bluetooth, it was best to shut down your hardware when it was not in use.


What is Bluetooth Smart Ready?

Bluetooth Smart Ready gadgets are primary devices—think smartphones, notebooks, and tablets—that can receive and share Bluetooth signals from such accessories as speakers, headphones, fitness accessories, etc.


What is Bluetooth Smart?

These peripherals connect to Bluetooth Smart Ready smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. Bluetooth Smart gadgets can also remain paired with Smart Ready devices even when they’re not used for hours or days at a time.


Backward compatibility

Newer laptops, phones, and slates with Bluetooth Smart Ready radios built in will work with previous-generation Bluetooth peripherals. Essentially, if you have a Bluetooth Smart Ready smartphone or notebook, you can still use it to stream podcasts to your Bluetooth 3.0 wireless speaker system or headphones. So no need to throw out those headsets or portable speakers.


Bluetooth Smart explained on video:

bluetooth.com | PCWorld | laptopmag

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.5.2013. | 21:37
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