Android Authority Reviews The ThL W100

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.5.2013. | 10:47

Android Authority recently wrote an article about one of Chinavasion’s recent releases, the “ThLW100”. This mobile phone is one of Chinavasion’s elite quad core Android 4.2 phones, and as mention by Android Authority, it comes from a Chinese home grown brand that has already domestic stores available throughout China. With more than 10 years of experience manufacturing Android Phones, ThL has managed to establish a broad customer base in both Europe and America.

The review tested the “ThL W100” in several areas as well as comparing it to more well known international branded phones. The reviewer seemed impressed by how much phone you get for the really low price that the “ThL W100” costs. The author of the review firstly goes into detail about the phone’s hardware, especially the A7 quad core processor, and the benefits that come with using this processor. Another area the review mentions is the overall size and weight of the “ThL W100”, mentioning it is extremely light due to the materials that are used that helps reduce overall weight.

One of the things I liked from this review of the “ThL W100” from Android Authority is the comparison of the screen against a HTC One S and a Nexus 7.

Although the HTC One S offers deeper coloring, I think the W100 is actually the best of the three displays (in terms of color at least).”
The photo below was taken by the reviewer and clearly displays the difference in quality of the same photo on each of the products that were being compared including the “ThL W100”.



Software was discussed briefly, with the review mentioning any changes that are different from previous versions and also what programs come pre-installed. There was no issue when downloading any apps and the review seems satisfied from the visual aspect.

Next section that was reviewed about the “ThL W100” was the performance where it was tested using AnTuTu software. The result was very good with the “ThL W100” getting high a score compared to other brands. The phone scored 13,041, which was higher than older branded quad core phones such as the Motorola ATRIX 4G and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Overall the phone performed well and there were no lags or annoying pauses. It felt as fluid and usable as any of the Android devices I have at hand, maybe even better.




The camera was tested with results showing that the 8 megapixel camera on this phone is really good and can capture details, even on a close up. Also the battery was mention, and the person writing the review seem to like how the phone came with two batteries making it easier to go further without having to worry about finding a power socket. One of the batteries can last over 5 hours of video playing and 3 hours of game playing.

The review finished with a conclusion, and the person that wrote the review mentions that some people may hesitate to buy from China due to its reputation but that shouldn’t but people off and even offer a link providing advice. He even said that the price alone is a huge selling point and he would be interested in this phone if it only had half the specs. He mentions that the phone may causes some negative reactions when concerning the 3G due only using two 3G bandwidths but how that really shouldn’t be a factor when concerning all the other specs of this phone for less than $200.

Overall I would like to thank Android Authority for taking the time to review one of Chinavasion’s mobile phones. ThL is a brand that is coming along way and I also own a ThL as they are very impressive for the price. ThL is a vastly growing company and if their phones stay up-to-date while maintaining a low price then they will surely expand.


To read the full review please click here.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.5.2013. | 10:47
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