Chinavasion’s Choice: Hybrid 11.6 Inch Windows 8 Compatible Tablet PC + Laptop

Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.5.2013. | 15:21

The new era of tablets has entered, and it is the envy of most Tranformers and Decepticons, this is the “Hybrid”. The “Hybrid” is a 11.6 Inch Windows 8 Compatible Tablet PC that can transform in one go to a Laptop featuring an awesome 1.1GHz Dual Core CPU and 4GB DDRII RAM, as well as a huge amount of storage due to 32GB Internal Memory. Super powered, this tablet and laptop gadget brings you into a new era of digital technology.


Key Features

Tablet and Laptop hybrid – Combining the portability of a tablet with the ability to turn it into a laptop by simply attaching the included keyboard for easy data entry, this hybrid is the ideal tool for business and/or pleasure.

1.1GHz Dual Core – The heart that powers this tablet is a Sandy Bridge Processor Celeron 847 1.1GHz dual core CPU, which is paired with the Intel HD GPU will produce fantastic results with incredible speed and cool graphics.

32GB Internal Memory – Whether your files are online or off, store and share them with the 32GB of internal memory.

1366×768 Resolution – With the 1366×768 resolution it will enhance your media experience with a clear display

1200mAh Battery in Tablet and the Keyboard’s 9000mAh Battery will total to 21000mAh of Battery Power – Never run out of power while on the go because if the tablet is running near empty, just connect it to the keyboard for extra battery life.

Jumper EZpad 5s

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.5.2013. | 15:21
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  1. Igor Bozovic May 17, 16:00

    I think this is great stuff, just with optional 64 or 128 gigs of internal memory. Never the less, this hardware is great for Ubuntu Linux and that should be considered as option. I think Canonical would support the project as well.

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