Twitter #Music App Launches for iPhone and Web

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.4.2013. | 10:21

After testing the app with music artists and influencers, Twitter #Music will be available starting today at and as a separate app for the iPhone through the App Store. So what does the service do? Well, it does what you might expect from a music app from Twitter — it helps you find music that’s popular on Twitter and music based on the bands you follow. The app is centered around four pages or tabs, which you can swipe through to access.

Twitter got a little bit noisier last week. The social-slash-information network introduced Twitter #music, a music-streaming service powered by Rdio and Spotify that allows Twitter users to listen to songs that are popular among other users, discover new artists, and listen to tracks from the artists and bands they already follow. Now the question is whether Twitter just played the opening notes to its social crescendo or simply added another instrument to its informational cacophony.

Who would have thought that a service built for feature phones and limited to just 140 characters would become one of the primary contributors to the “fear of missing out” pandemic? Yet here we are, six years after Twitter’s SXSW-enabled rise to dominance, and those 140 characters have evolved into snippets of articles, songs, videos, photos — galleries, even — apps, and who-knows-what-else Twitter decides to release next. What was once easily managed has become an organizational nuisance.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.4.2013. | 10:21
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  1. Andrew John May 1, 15:18

    The app is simply superb for people who like certain bands in particular. The 140 characters has indeed been a wonderful find!

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