Let Me See Your Papers, How To Fasttrack Your First Order At Chinavasion

Author xlxmarketing 10.4.2009. | 17:26

You have placed your first order with Chinavasion and paid with your PayPal account.

You think you’ve crossed the ts and dotted the i’s when you receive an email from Chinavasion saying they need to make a verification about your payment.

What? What for?

You may have ignored this email or been tempted to throw in junk mail.

However, if you did that and checked back with us one or two days later to see where your shipment was you’d probably find the order wouldn’t have been processed.

That’s if you hadn’t already received a call from one of our very nice customer service or accounting staff.

Even a call from one of those lovely people won’t make the frustration of not having your order processed easier to take.

Here is what you should know about our policy for your first dropship order with us.

First of all at Chinavasion we consider it’s essential for us to deal with Paypal payments responsibly. A typical example is where the billing address is in your name, and the Paypal account is yours too… but the goods are shipping to a different address!

As you know PayPal login and credit card details can be easily stolen. Although 99.9% of Paypal users are honest, it’s always the same, a small minority will make the rest of all pay for their rubbish! This is why we need to check every each Paypal payment at first.

In that case it is your first dropship we MAY have to contact you to confirm that the Paypal payment is really from you, and you want to go ahead with the order. This is especially important for drop-ship orders .We simply want to make that the transaction is safe.

Here is the process of identification verification

Chinavasion will send you an email to make sure the payment is genuine you may provide one of the following. If you think that this process is not suitable for you have the right to request a full refund and to pay us by bank transfer.

The driving license of the person who paid the order


The passport / national ID card of the person who paid the order


The credit card used to pay the order



“When using a credit card as identification, show your name but use a piece of paper/permanent marker to blank out all but the last four numbers on your card to keep your credit card information secure See the example below


Sending ONE of these documents by fax or email to should be sufficient to approve and process your order. Once this verification is done you won’t have to do it for your future orders. We will process them instantly.

So it’s worth answering that email after all.


Author xlxmarketing 10.4.2009. | 17:26
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