New Emoticons for Facebook Chat

Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.4.2013. | 17:45

Sharing complicated emotions on Facebook was almost impossible until now. Here, an exclusive conversation with the features designers.

Facebook is unparalleled for sharing photos of our vacation or a child’s first steps. All of the best moments of our lives look amazing on the Timeline. So what about the worst ones? What about when we have a stomach ache, get fired from a job, lose someone we love? Should expressing those ideas look different? Could something cue your friends so they don’t hit that “like” button inappropriately?

Apparently so. Soon everyone will have access to a new feature that’s slowly unearthed itself over the last few weeks, so that when we post an update, we can select how we feel about it from 200 different feeling-emoticon combinations, or even type any emotion imaginable and pair it up with the emoji of our choosing.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 17.4.2013. | 17:45
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  1. irwin April 17, 20:58

    i stil dont have that option when will it be available for everyone?

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