Facebook’s Latest Android Advancement

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.4.2013. | 10:55

Facebook again is doing things we wish we had thought of first. The latest innovation by Mark Zuckerburg is a software hat is specifically designed for the Android platform. The software is called ‘Home’ and is more interactive with the Android phone, allowing people to swipe through the screens like pages instead of using menu select. Originally there were plans to see if the mega multi-dollar social empire was going to get involved in the mobile phone market by creating and manufacturing their own but instead mobile phone, however they decided to go against this strategy and decided it was better to create the next generation of apps and interaction software. Facebook wanted to make a more personal and interactive connection between the user and the phone as they know how much of a useful commodity smart phones are in today’s society.

Facebook are concentrating on the smart phone industry, which is a pretty smart way (pun not intended) to concentrate their resources as a high volume of users are using their mobile phones and touch screen tablets to access facebook. The software has also receive some criticism by some organizations saying it is monitoring it’s users to much and is ‘selling’ that personals contents to bigger corporations. Information such as your whereabouts is being tracked using the software on the user’s phone and being forwarded to the powers that be to help with future marketing and advertising. Don’t be too much of a conspiracy weirdo but it is interesting maybe a little worrying to know where the information is being sent. People might find it a little worrying that a lot of information is being tracked, however not many people actually know that this information is being forwarded or even actually being collected.

The scheduled release date is April 12th and the new HTC First phone will be the very first device to come with this new Facebook Home software already pre-loaded on it. On the very same date of the release of the HTC First Phone will also be the Facebook Home software to be individually installed on to selected Android phones. To read more please click here.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.4.2013. | 10:55
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  1. Les June 17, 07:23

    Whilst I have bought previously from China vasion I am unable to buy anew phone due to Australian customs and postal conditions regarding batteries.How do you intend to overcome this.

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