Dodging The Crash And Burn, The Basics Of Handling An RC Helicopter

Author xlxmarketing 7.4.2009. | 21:19
rc helicopters

By Zhai Zhi Gang

RC Helicopters have been one of the coolest developments in RC technology today.

That’s if you could get them to straighten up and fly right.

It doesn’t take much for one to go spiraling out of control and what the advertiser says is responsive would better be described as ‘touchy. In fact you probably have other words for it after two hours of ‘fun’.

Now you’re wondering, “How do I fly it?”

First, get to know your controller.

You’ll probably notice there are three things to get to grips with:

  • Collective
  • directional control
  • spin control


The collective controls how high or low your helicopter flies.

The default position of the collective is all the way down. As you push the stick up, the helicopter flies higher.

Chinavasion Flight School Tip: Push the collective about halfway up and hold it there. This will make the helicopter hover at around 5-6 feet off the floor.

Direction Control

The direction control let’s you fly forward and backward and rotate left and right.

Again, it doesn’t require much force to get your helicopter heading in the direction you want it to go.

Spin Corrector

The spin corrector allows you to compensate for spin and keep your helicopter pointed in one direction.

Chinavasion Flight School Tip: If your helicopter is spinning to the left, turn the spin corrector to the right. If your helicopter is spinning to the right, turn the spin corrector to the left.

Now that you know your controls it’s time to learn a useful maximum about how to handle them.

Like a bomb expert, or a hostage negotiator it is always best to handle things slowly, softly and gently.

The controls of your helicopter are sensitive, and overcompensating may cause you to lose control.

So when you want to lift off, slowly ease the collective up until the helicopter reaches the desired height.

When you want to move forward, softly nudge the direction control forward a little at a time to get yourself moving in the desired direction.

If your helicopter starts to spin to the left, gently rotate the spin corrector to the right until your helicopter stops spinning.

Slamming the collective forward is a quick way to introduce your helicopter to your ceiling, and yanking the direction control backwards may turn your helicopter into a lawnmower for your carpet.

So now you’ve got your RC helicopter up in the air it is time to make it head forward.

Here is an easy way to move forward without spinning out of control:

How to Fly an RC Helicopter

easy forward flight

Before starting off make sure your hands are in this position

  1. With your left thumb, push the collective up until your helicopter reaches a desired height, then hold the collective in that position.
  2. Use the middle and ring fingers of your right hand to hold the direction control in a forward position.
  3. Hold the spin control between your right thumb and index finger.
  4. If the helicopter begins to rotate while you are moving forward, gently adjust the spin corrector to keep the helicopter pointed in the right direction. This will allow you to move forward without veering off in the wrong direction.

Once you get a feel for the controls, you’ll find it easier to take off and maneuver your helicopter around the house.

If for some reason you don’t have an RC helicopter yet, check out all of Chinavasion’s wholesale RC toys. Our factory-direct prices make these irresistible for gifts or resale. Just don’t forget to pick out something for yourself!

Author xlxmarketing 7.4.2009. | 21:19
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