The Easy To Follow Guide To Setting Up Your GPS Car DVD

Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.4.2009. | 12:10

So you’ve bought a China car DVD with GPS and you’re all exited. No more fiddling with maps and asking strangers for directions and you didn’t need to take out a second mortgage on the house.


Unfortunately there’s going to be a good chance there’s a problem. the software you’ve got may well be cracked or at best the sample version.

So it means that you could be in the middle of nowhere heading to your destination and then lose access to your GPS system.

That’s if the options you had suited your area anyway.

So how do you get the authorized, full version of the navigation software that suits your area from the computer to your car DVD player?

Thankfully getting your hands on GPS software is not a difficult task.

You can either talk to your local GPS product dealer or, directly from the software provider’s website.

This is a list of some of the bigger GPS software providers:

  • TomTom
  • Route 66
  • Magellan

Most China car DVD players are compatible with windows compatible software.

Once you get the software just put it onto a SD card (if you buy it from a bricks and mortar supplier this is how you will probably have it delivered).

Now it’s just a case of getting that SD card into your GPS Car DVD Player and getting the software running.

The Idiots Guide To Installing Car DVD GPS Software


If you haven’t already check out Chinavasion’s great range of GPS car DVD players and see which one is best for you. Then get online and decide which software package will suit you best.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.4.2009. | 12:10
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  1. Polat October 19, 02:08


    Ich möchte bei chinavasion (Night Rider 7 Inch Touchscreen Car Media Player with GPS + DVB-T) kaufen.
    Ich Habe iGO8 ist das Kompatibel?

    Thanks und best Regards

  2. sorin October 20, 04:02

    Sorry but igo 8 doesn´t work,know because i just bought one and tried it !!!

  3. Kevin October 24, 14:55

    Ok i’m hearing what everyone is saying but i missing it for some reason. I go to these sites and i don’t have a clue what i’m looking for. TomTom or any other can some1 please help me. The way they have it for sales seems like you have to buy the GPS unit and software. I’, just looking for a good product so any recommendations would help. post a link for me and steps to take so i can buy and save to an SD card…thanks much

  4. Chris Hearn May 4, 14:47

    I have installed TomTom 7.9 on my Street Ninja 7″ but it is doesn’t work. The time shown jumps randomly – I thought I could live with that by turning off the time indication on the info bar. The trouble is that when you start to move the map display jumps all over the place and this affects the voice commands. After a short time the display just freezes and will only jump around again when I touch the screen. I think the display jumping is linked to the random time because on the odd occasion that the time is not jumping navigation works. I would really love to get TomTom working as this was one of the reasons I bought the Street Ninja. I know how to use Mortscript to adjust any settings on the WinCE 5.0 installation but don’t know what needs to be changed, any information would be appreciated.

  5. peter June 16, 21:56

    can someone tell me where can i get tom tom software bcoz when i call tom tom and ask to buy there software
    i get no help or info

  6. Raymond October 14, 01:11

    I bought the CVSA-C09 (5″ TFT w/ GPS and Blutooth) and TomTom Navigator 6.0. I installed the “Pocket PC” version to a 4GB SD card and installed it into the stereo. I found the start.exe file and slected it to run. I then get some kind of error message in Chinese (I think). The only thing I can make out is the reference to TTN.CAB and Windows CE. The TomTom screen and sound plays in the background when I press the button provided then the Nav screen closes. Can anyone tell me what the error screen means or how they configured TomTom Navigator to work? -Thanks.

  7. Adrian October 18, 14:55

    Hi Raymond,
    Please send a ticket with this issue to our customer support, they can help you with setting up:
    support [@] chinavasion [.com]

  8. Michael Lowdermilk September 29, 00:41

    Well, I bought the RoadMaster Multimedia Entertainment System and had it installed 3 months. I have tried many times to install the GPS software and failed every single time.
    I wish someone would publish a list of steps to install Tom Tom 6 Navigator software. IF anyone on this blog knows the steps email them to me please. My email is Or if someone knows the name of the file that runs Tom Tom 6, send me the name of the file? Please.

  9. Nissan Car Stereo GPS March 24, 14:06

    It was so very impressive to have GPS tracker in our car. I’m so joyful in my driving experience while using my GPS tracker device.

  10. Joseph April 24, 22:22


    Does anyone have a suggestion on what type of GPS software would work with the following item:


  11. Barry October 1, 11:03

    We have installed shockwave and received two GPS software sd cards which maps of Australia and New Zealand and repeatedly and tried to use them, but unfortunately they don;t work correctly, if anyone knows what is the correct software to use for the dvd systems from chinavasion could you please e-mail me. Thanking you.

  12. Thomas Mølgaard February 12, 05:31

    I just bought the Knight Rider car stereo computer (android) for my Golf mk5.
    How to install GPS software for my system …
    I have GPS software from my old system (IGO map) and I have saved on an SD card.
    My problem is: when I put my SD card with maps in my new system (Knight Rider) how do I get it installed …
    Some here who can give a step by step on how to install it.
    Please send me the instruction to my email:
    Hope you can help me 🙂

    Sincerely, Thomas Mølgaard

  13. Shirley February 16, 13:28

    please contact our customer service at for any help

  14. edo tom July 12, 02:47

    Hi I can`t see your flash presentation. I have a mp5 with gps chinese installed on a kia. I tried copying software on a microsd but It never worked. And gps never finds anything on that microsd. No folders or anything. I was wondering If there is some king of ini file that tell paths to directories. Microsd works fine with mp3 slot

  15. readlee August 8, 17:46

    Hi, I have a new Android dvd car player. The GPS button just takes me to the home screen. The instruction told me that iGO would be on the SD card..iIt wasn’t. Anywho, I installed freeNAV which works ok. But how do I bind that to the GPS button or will that always take me to the Android home screen?

  16. Doug August 20, 16:08

    How do I contact you with a question?

  17. James Mash August 20, 17:06

    Hi Doug,
    If you have any questions please contact our customer service team, this can be done on live-chat or via e-mail. Visit the Contact Us Page ( where you can fill out a contact form, engage in live chat or contact us directly at
    We always aim to reply to e-mails in one business day.

  18. Steven July 11, 23:14

    Hi I’ve bought a dvd car audio entertainment system. It has digital TVs radio Ect. I installed it and seen it installed dvb and dab but cannot access it. It stays on analog TV

    Problem is there is no name on system. It’s brand new I’m first to use it. Dad bought it few years back.

    The box has
    Dvd car audio navigation system wrote on.

  19. Kayhan Audio April 30, 17:27

    Is this touch screen Sat Nav?

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