Android Authority Review The “Mithril” Quad Core 5.8 Inch Phone

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.3.2013. | 17:47

The website known as Android Authority is a well known website that posts and uploads news, articles, reviews and other things related to Android. Recently they had a chance to review one of Chinavasion’s latest arrival, “Mithril”, which is a 1.2GHz quad core CPU mobile phone that has a stunning 5.8 Inch IPS screen as well as running Android 4.1 hence the interest by Android Authority. The reviewer was extremely pleased to have the opportunity to use a large screen, quad core phone with such an interesting specification list as the “Mirthril”.

From the review you can see many positive things about this mobile, and as the reviewer mentions directly is the incredible price that the “Mithril” is offered at, and in this case at a low 275 dollar price tag.

“There are also smartphones with very large screens, including the Huawei Ascend Mate and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. But both of those phones cost $500 or more to buy unlocked and without a contract. What is startling is to see is a 5.8 inch, 720p, Android 4.1 quad core phone for just $275, unlocked and contract free.”

Chinavasion specializes in wholesale electronic gadgets directly from China; therefore our prices are the best around when considering the overall benefits, service and support package.

“The Mithril is what is known as a white label smartphone. What that means is that it doesn’t have a brand name like Huawei or ZTE, but it is built using similar parts and often in the same region of China as the big names.”

I am the glad the reviewer made this clear as it explains exactly the type of phones Chinavasion are selling as well as local brands such as ThL. Chinavasion has a policy on quality so the phones that are being sold at the company have high quality and use either the same or similar parts as the more well known branded phones.

The reviewer also goes into depth about the components that some people may not understand and provides and honest opinion about the CPU and GPU that are used in the “Mithril”. The reviewer compares the size to two other phones that he has, he finds it hard to explain the size therefore uses photos to exhibit the size of the “Mithril”.

Chinese phones and tablets in the past have had a bad reputation when it comes to WiFi, however the reviewer put the “Mithril” to the test and was pleasantly pleased by the outcome.

“Using the free “Wifi Analyzer” app from the Google Play Store, I compared the Wi-Fi signals strengths of the Mithril with other Android devices I had at hand, including a Nexus 7. The Mithril matched the Wi-Fi reception of just about every device I had and I was able to wirelessly access the Internet from all around and outside the house without any problems.”

The performance was tested and using software the reviewer discovered that the “Mithril” was not as bad as most people think Chinese made phones are. The result showed that the benchmark scoire given by the software AnTuTu that usually tests phones performances in several categories found that it was better than the Google Nexus 7 and the Asus Transformer Prime but was just a little behind the Google Nexus 10 and the HTC ONEX+. The new MediaTek MT6589 quad core CPU help makes the “Mithril” phone responsive, quick and smooth.

The camera was one of the last tests conducted by the reviewer and he honestly mentions that he wasn’t expecting much due to the price of the phone but it produced rather good photos with noise to ruin them, and he even showed two examples of a photo taken indoors and a outdoor photo.

The reviewer concluded with the following after testing the “Mithril”:

“For less than half the price of a branded phone you get a very large 5.8 inch IPS, 720p resolution smartphone with 3G and dual SIM support plus all the best bits of Android. The camera is good and has a very high resolution. Also the battery life is remarkable plus getting two batteries is a great benefit.
For the price the Mithril is brilliant, now my only problem is that my 4.3 inch HTC phone seems to small!”

This review was a good example of not only explaining about the quad core “Mithril” Android phone but also explain about the types of phones like this coming from China. As the reviewer admits that he is a fan of these types of phones coming from China but he also explains why and how the extra battery in the package helps make the difference. Chinavasion would like to thank Android Authority for this review and highly encourage readers to look at this review and get a better understanding the products and the type of Android phones we are selling. As the reviewer mention, these phones are referred to as a white label smartphone, and as some people may be worried to look into something that has got a brand written all over it as well as a high price tag doesn’t mean it is not any good. The reviewer put this phone to the test and it came back with a more than satisfactory result. To read the full article please click here.

The “Mithril” Quad Core Android Phone is one of Chinavasion’s high end phones and can easily compete with top branded phones. Powered by the brand new 1.2GHz MTK6589 Quad Core CPU, the “Mithril” is able to deliver outstanding results and takes multitasking to the next level. Browsing the internet, watching HD videos and running high demanding apps has never been smoother!

Key Features:

*1.2GHz Quad Core CPU

*Android 4.1

*12MP Camera

*5.8 Inch IPS Screen

*1280×720 Resolution


*4GB Internal Memory

This top of the line Android Quad Core Phone “Mithril” is an excellent purchase and great for anybody looking to get a large screen quad core phone. This product is in stock and can be dispatched within 24 hours of ordering with a 12 month warranty. Brought to you by the leaders in wholesale electronics and Android mobile phones, Chinavasion.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.3.2013. | 17:47
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  1. V K Sharma April 2, 23:16

    I am using a china phone called Coolgen which I realised that it is a low specs phone. I am happy with everything but its wi-fi is a big big problem. Its MAC address keeps on changing – very strange indeed.
    So I am doubtful about wi-fi of Chinese phones. I would like to try “Opata” but someone should assure me of the quality and wi-fi in particular. I have never heard that MAC address can change. Mine does. Can anyone explain this strange phenomenon?
    Also I had written to Chinavasion but no reply from them.

  2. george pantelakis April 3, 14:33

    i buy this perfect phone but it does not 4 gb ram it does 2 gb ram only

  3. Shirley April 10, 16:52

    Which email address did you write to? is it ?

  4. barney March 26, 14:31

    dear sirs,
    do you know where i can buy a screen digitizer for Mithril 5.8″ (Q508) android phone.
    thank you for your attention.

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