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Recently the Korean peninsula has been shaken up with a possible war now that North Korea is getting restless with the latest sanctions put against them. North Korea is testing missiles as the South team up with the good old US of A to participate in military drills. Things are at an all time low since the agreement they had in the 1950s at the end of the war, actually they are technically at war because no treaty was signed however the all out conflicted was halted. North Korea have taken a new way with attacking their southern neighbors and it isn’t via a war or a nuclear strike but another kind of a offense, a cyber attack. Cyber attacks are very common however cyber warfare between countries and their government are increasing. Iran like to test their online abilities and have attacked the US before, also China with a vast population even can get through their own firewall to attack the USA’s secret services network. To read about this attack please click here.


Cyber warfare refers to politically motivated hacking to conduct sabotage and espionage. It is a type of information warfare occasionally seen as comparable to conventional warfare even if this analogy is controversial for both its accuracy and its political motivation. Cyber attacks can also happen at home and there is no 100% guarantee from being completely protected. If big bank and corporations can be attacked then any coffee house and home is going to be a much simpler target.

You can make your router more secured and better protected from this previously written blog.

Here are some quick tips for any home users when it comes to being personally hacked. The first tip is never use the same password for all your online accounts. It is tempting and much easier to have one password for your e-mail, online back account, Facebook, Twitter etc but if the hacker works out the password then all these accounts will be affected. Remember when Linkedin was attacked? It advised all to change passwords of other accounts if they are using the same password. Another thing is don’t use the same security question. Just like the reason not to use the same password, it is strongly encouraged not to use the same security password.

Are you the type of person who clears your web history? If so then that is a good thing, as everything you order online information is saved such as address and credit card details. Everything a hacker would like to know about you if they want to do something dastardly. Most online sites have improved their online purchasing and information is usually stored safely but as South Korea found out, nothing is 100% guaranteed


Another big point that I like to point out to many people is when people make things public on their Facebook/Twitter account such as “Going on holiday today! #2weeksaway #party #nobodyatmyhouse #leftjewelryinthebedroomdrawers”. When on a social network there are many things to fill in including name, location, address etc, all this information is not just vital to a burglar but also a hacker. People use passwords related to their favorite band, child’s name, cat’s name and these are the words that hackers are more than likely to begin with.

At Chinavasion we have a product that is a portable wireless router and is designed for people on the go. This travel friendly Wireless Router lets you create a secure wireless network whenever a wired Broadband connection is available. Plug your regular RJ45 internet cable in, and it will start transmitting wireless internet signal to all your WiFi enabled devices such as your phone, your PC, your Tablet and more. Perfect for use in the library, in your hotel room or any other place where you need instant wireless internet. But it doesn’t stop here. Using either the built in Micro SD card slot or by plugging in a portable hard drive / USB memory stick into the USB port, the stored data will be wirelessly accessible right over the WiFi signal. To get you started, a free 8GB microSD card will even be included in each package.

This portable WiFi router also rocks a convenient 5200mAh quick charge station that provides fast recharging of your portable electronic devices as well as powering the WiFi signal, making this a truly portable device! Additionally, in areas where no Broadband cable is available, you can either connect a 3G USB dongle or even connect your 3G Phone to the Wireless router and broadcast your 3G internet over the Portable Router to other devices to get internet anytime you want it.

Key Features

  • Broadband Cable to WiFi AP
  • Wireless access to stored files via USB or micro SD card
  • 3G Router
  • 5200mAh Powerbank

Chinavasion cannot guarantee the safety of your network, connection or details but we can advise you how to decrease the chances of being hacked.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.3.2013. | 14:28
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