Painless Handsfree Calling, How To Pair Your Bluetooth In Several Easy Steps

Author xlxmarketing 1.4.2009. | 21:14

Bluetooth technology for mobile phones is a wonderful thing.

It lets us see who’s on the phone, answer and make calls without even taking our unlocked cell phone out of our pocket.

However getting a bluetooth handsfree calling kit or bracelet to work with your cellphone has mystified the best of us and stopped many from enjoying the benefits of handsfree wireless calling.

Untill today that is…

Here is a step by step guide of how to pair a Bluetooth device with a mobile phone wrist watch.

Choose “services” in the main menu.

Then select “Bluetooth” and click the first option “power” to enable the Bluetooth power on

Press and HOLD the power button on the Bluetooth headset until the LED light on the Bluetooth headset flashes, red and blue.

The flashing red and blue light means the Bluetooth headset is in pairing mode. If the headset is flashing and only shows blue, the device will not pair.

Then you use your phone to search for the Bluetooth device.

Click on the “Inquiry Audio Device” menu (or the closest approximation of that) to search it.

When you click on it it should ask you if you want to pair or not, press OK.

Once the mobile phone wrist watch or unlocked phone has found the Bluetooth device, which is in this case is “M300”, select it and input the password ”0000”. Click ok

An important note to take in to consideration with this procedure is that you have a limited time window of opportunity to pair a device per entry.

So don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work for you first time.

Now you know how to pair a bluetooth device why don’t you check out our cool range of bluetooth headsets for the ultimate in convenience and cool.

Author xlxmarketing 1.4.2009. | 21:14
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  1. ann March 20, 18:42

    please help i cant conect with my bluetooth headset

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