Thermodo: Making Your Phone Instantly Transformed into a Thermometer

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.3.2013. | 09:06

On March 11, people launched an interesting project on Kickstarter (a creative activity website). The project will create a product called Thermodo, a mobile phone accessory. It is said that the user’s smartphone can be transformed into a thermometer with it.

In real life, the phone can offer us weather information through the network. Nevertheless, it still cannot provide us with the exact temperature of our local environment, and it is unlikely to always carry a thermometer, so such an idea was born: why not let the phone we often use to carry thermometer with it?

It is reported that this creative project will bring a product called Thermodo, the product will connect the diameter of 3.5mm phone headset input with a miniature mercury thermometer, which instantly making the phone into a simple and practical thermometer. In addition, the product will wear attached to a key ring, easy for people to carry at any time.

Currently, the pre-buy price of the product is of US$ 19 (about 118 RMB), while the normal price is US $ 25 US (about 156 RMB), and probably will be unveiled in August of this year.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.3.2013. | 09:06
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  1. Gary Lingle March 19, 23:03

    This would be great to check the temperature at a Penn State Football game!

  2. nestor March 20, 06:34

    i like it , the price not.

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