Google Reader is Shutting Down On The 1st of July

Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.3.2013. | 16:04


Yeah, so Google Reader isn’t getting any funding love from Google. As we all know by now, the company is shutting it down. But there are other startups to be had and new technology to become obsessed with!

Every few months, Google has been “shutting down” various offerings they feel are under-used, in an effort to regain some focus. Many of these are uncontroversial, though a few have been surprising and freaked some users out. Many, for example, were surprised and upset when Google announced it was phasing out iGoogle. But today’s news that it is shutting down Google Reader took many, many people by surprise. My Twitter feed blew up with people freaking out about it. For those who use it, many really rely on it for their daily information gathering process. I know the feeling, because I used to do that — though a few years ago I shifted to mostly using Twitter via a well-organized Tweetdeck, and found that to be just as (if not more) effective, though a somewhat different overall experience that took some getting used to.

Still, a very large number of folks I know feel like they practically live inside Google Reader — and I know (for example) that Google Reader is a huge driver of traffic to this site, so I get the feeling many of you use Google Reader as well. The thing that seems to have so many folks upset is the fact that there really aren’t any comparable alternatives if you want that same basic experience. In fact, you could argue that Google effectively killed off many of those alternatives. Back in the day there were things like Newsgator and Bloglines, but both were effectively marginalized or pushed into other markets because Google Reader really did become the de facto standard RSS reader that so many used and relied on.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.3.2013. | 16:04
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  1. carson March 18, 23:58

    Bloglines is still available. As a matter of fact, two days ago I switched from reader to Bloglines and so did a lot of folkes.

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