Video: Android Phone Transformer “SIM Link”, featuring Bluetooth, Dual SIM Card and GPRS Internet [CVZG-A208-Black]

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.3.2013. | 16:06

New in the Cheap Mobile Phones category, the “SIM Link” Android Phone Transformer, featuring Bluetooth, Dual SIM Card, GPRS Internet and Turning your Android Tablet into a Phone… Check below to watch the product video!


The “SIM Link” is Chinavasion’s fabulous Android Phone Transformer with Bluetooth which can transform your tablet PC into a fully functional phone by pairing them together, so you will be able to send messages and make phone calls with your Android tablet. Moreover, thanks to the dual SIM connector, you can easily switch between numbers and manage phone logs. It even comes with a Key Pin in the box!

In addition, the “SIM Link” features GPRS Internet which means you will have the possibility to surf the internet on your tablet instantly even there is no Wi-Fi network available. What is more, it also works with phones and can turn your regular Android phone into a Tri-SIM phone, so you won’t have to carry around two or more phones and all your messages, call logs and contacts will be centralized on your favorite phone.

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Interested in finding out more about this product? Post your comments below, or on the video on Youtube. All questions and suggestions are welcome!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.3.2013. | 16:06
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  1. Sal March 29, 07:47

    Pair bluetooth not working. This device not are code pair (es 0000, 1234)

  2. Shirley April 1, 14:38

    Hi Sal,
    Please contact we will help you out.

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