Make Every First Impression Count In China, Easy-To Use Fail-Safe Chinese Phrases (Part 3, How Much And I Want)

Author xlxmarketing 26.3.2009. | 17:22

In our two last blogs you learned how to break the ice with your Chinese partner by saying hello and goodbye and how to make a good impression with ‘sorry and thank you’


Interested in learning Chinese then check out these two lessons, how to say hello and how to say sorry


Now it’s time to cut to the chase

You have followed all the right steps to build trust with your Chinese partner.

Now you need to get to the point and make a deal. You need to get the right product at the right price. You are going to point out the product you want or like and ask how much it costs. You need to keep the negotiation focusing on what you need

If we take the example of buying electronic goods in Shenzhen, the choice is large. Suppliers are able to offer a broad range of products.

You will have to keep focused on what you need so the supplier shows you the products that you want to see, discusses the points you wants to discuss and doesn’t drift off into giving a presentation on something you don’t care about.

If you can say ‘I don’t want’ in Chinese you are more likely to keep things on track as it carries more meaning for the Chinese negotiator.

In China face is important people need to communicate skillfully. Using the sentences will help you to keep control on the negotiation and to save time.

Here the key sentences to use during in your first negotiation:

  • I want (something)
  • I don’t want (something)
  • I like (something)
  • I don’t like (something)
  • Do you have (something)?
  • Where is the (something)?
  • How much is it?
  • Please speak slowly.


Now you have the some handy phrases to practice during your negotiation. Practice them until you are adept at them then try them you will see how effective they are.

Now this course in 3 parts has presented some basic Chinese knowledge to make a good impression and to succeed your first business trip in China. Now have a safe and a successful trip to the Middle Kingdom.

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Author xlxmarketing 26.3.2009. | 17:22
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