Would You Buy a Google Glass For Under US$ 1500?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.2.2013. | 17:44

Wearable Computing is one of the recent hot technology online topics, including Google Glass, iWatch. All the online discussions contain both positive and negative opinions. We strive to present a variety of different points of view to discuss the future possibilities of these techs.

Considering the price, practicality, and acceptance of Google Glass, are you willing to drop nearly US$ 1500 on glasses?

google glasses

Google recently began to release some information about Google Glass which is currently scheduled to be released at the end of this year, and now even the pricing was basically settled with the listing. Although it is unknown yet if the Google Glass will initially support Chinese language or not, I still feel there are three points that are worth discussing.

Now it will come with the price of $ 1,500 dollars. Though we assume the price is $ 1,000 dollars, which is about 6,229.68 RMB, roughly about one month salary of the younger Chinese generation who have more tendency of accepting electronic products. And furthermore, it must be used with the Internet and the price is about 1.5 times than a new iPhone, HTC or Samsung’s flagship models.

Given these factors, how many of us will want to buy one to play with?

When and Where
Most of us work in the office, there should be eighty percent of the time sitting in front of the computer, and sitting next to us are our colleagues. Everyone has its sense of privacy, in a word, we don’t want others know what we’re doing. Since Google Glass is voice-based, it seemingly that we have less time to play with it in the daytime.

So it looks as if in commuting time we should have a chance to use Google Glass? If that so, then we will have a lot of people on the bus or subway speaking around our Google Glass. And for those who drive cars or motorcycles, will they get distracted by keeping seeing Google Glass top right corner of the screen?
So when and where will we want to use it?

Among my friends and colleagues, there are more than half wearing glasses or contact lenses, so it sounds almost impossible that these people would like to wear two glasses every day.

Although, I usually hang 3D glasses above the original ones before I see 3D movies, will I want to hang another pair of glasses when I am out on the street? It would not only make me look very strange but if I accidentally fell, the repair fee of the glasses would cost me way too much!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.2.2013. | 17:44
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