Turning your HD TV into an Android SmartTV is easier (and cheaper) than you think!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.2.2013. | 11:51

Turning your HD TV into an Android SmartTV is easier (and cheaper) than you think!

TV makers are launching a new breed of television sets called “SmartTVs”, but what exactly are they? SmartTVs are TV with a built-in operating system, usually Android, and which have an internet connection and the ability to install apps. Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic… all the big electronic manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon and have started to produce SmartTVs. But as with all hypes, those TVs are extremely expensive. Not only will you have to buy a whole new TV set, you’ll also have to pay an extra $500-$1000 just because the TV is “Smart”.

Luckily, there is a much cheaper alternative to SmartTVs. And you won’t even have to replace your current TV! Android Media Players and Android Sticks can be purchased for as little as $40 and provide the exact same features as those expensive branded SmartTVs. All you have to do is plug in the media player to your TV’s HDMI port (or other port) and your regular TV will instantly turn into an Android running Smart TV.

Android Stick Computers, as they are also called, are devices not much bigger than a chocolate bar which plug in directly into your TV. Once connected, you’ll be able to install Android Apps on your TV, browse the internet, watch your downloaded movies from the comfort of your sofa, play Android games, check your email on your TV and much more! And the biggest advantage, they can be taken with you anywhere!


Stream Movies To Any Display
Loads of different apps offering streaming services are available in the Google Play store and can be installed on your Android Media Player. Just plug in the media player, open the Netflix or Hulu app and start streaming movies directly on your TV! No Set Top Box needed!


Bring Android Games To Your TV
Playing Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, Temple Run and more on your TV screen will now be possible. Just download the apps from the official Google Play store and you’ll be ready to game the afternoon away! The Google Play app store offers hundreds of thousands of free and paid games for you to choose from.


Range of Android Media Players and Sticks

Android 4.0 Media Player – 1080p, 8GB Built-in Storage, WiFi
Experience your favorite Smartphone operating system on your TV! You’ll be able to watch YouTube videos, browse the internet, share photos with friends, chat on Skype and do everything else you’re able to do with your phone and tablet. Connect your external hard drive to the Android player and watch your movies in HD, directly on your TV and A USB mouse/keyboard can be hooked up to easily navigate through all the delightful functions of this Android Ice Cream Sandwich system.

Enjoy watching thousands of free videos and movies over the internet, stream internet radio directly into your living room and much more. The possibilities are limitless! Over 600.000 Apps and games can be downloaded and installed directly on this media player through the Google Play App store and playing Android games on your TV will now be possible. This android media box will truly bring your TV’s multimedia capabilities up to a whole new level!


Android 4.0 HD TV Box – DVB-T, Wifi N
Enhance your home multimedia capabilities by simply connecting this Android 4.0 PC TV device to your TV to watch your favorite YouTube videos, access streaming music, play games, surf the net and answer your emails, and more! Then switch to digital TV mode to pick up digital TV signals whenever you feel like a change. Truly a fully functioning Smart TV for a fraction of the cost.

In addition, you can use the remote control to record and pause your favorite digital TV programs, so that you can watch them any time and then download them to your 4GB of internal memory or on to your own 3TB external hard drive easily connected though a USB ports on the Android TV box. Also with an array of ports and TV connections including HDMI OUT and AV OUT for connecting your choice of TV set and 3 USB IN ports for your wireless mouse and keyboard as well as a external HD, ease of setup and use is a snap.


Android 4.0 HD TV PC “Zipp” – 1080p, Wi-Fi, 1.2GHz CPU, 1GB RAM
The “Zipp” Android Smart TV stick instantly turns your HD TV into an Android 4.0 powered PC by simply connecting it to the HDMI port of your TV. Powered by a 1.2GHz CPU and 1GB RAM, the “Zipp” can easily run all your favorite apps and multitask without breaking a sweat! Supporting 1080p HD video playback you will be able to enjoy your movies in crystal clear resolution and 4GB of internal memory lets you store away all your multimedia and download app. In case you would need to expand the “Zipp’s” memory, a Micro SD card can be inserted to boost its memory.

Browse the internet while sitting in your couch, visit YouTube, update your Facebook status or send out a quick Tweet. Plugging in directly into your TV’s HDMI port, the “Zipp” is extremely easy to install and to use. Experience the power of Android on your TV today!


Android 4.1 “SmartTV” Mini PC – Dual Core 1.6Ghz CPU, WiFi N, HD 1080p
Introducing the new “SmartTV” which instantly turns your HD TV into an Android 4.1 powered PC by simply connecting the HDMI to your HDTV. Coming with Android 4.1 (Android’s latest and greatest OS with more functionality and power) the “SmartTV” also comes with the power of a dual core 1.6 GHz CPU processor, 1GB RAM, 1080p playback, and WiFi N speed, making your TV into an Android media monster. Quickly and easily download thousands of gaming or productivity apps over Google play app store, download and store your HD movies and more 4GB of internal memory that is easily expandable to 16GB by inserting a microSD card. Literally an “android on a stick” this HDMI android player even comes with an HDMI extension cable, allowing you to easily install the “SmartTV” to the most suitable position for your own needs.


By clicking this link you can read more and see some of our best selling Android TV and mini PC devices.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.2.2013. | 11:51
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  1. Porthos Bop February 28, 19:56

    1 week 3 days I receive this beautiful gadet and I truly know now it worth the money. I recommend ALL to have one for it is surely faster than its normal wifi speed…its wifi n whatever that means, but its is faster than the norm wifi. Guess the dual core thing too helps…thanks to chinavasion and keep up the good work and service !!!

  2. alfred van duyne March 4, 00:52

    It sounds good I am going to order one. to try it. before I start selling them.

  3. karan bist July 16, 15:59

    sir/mam i have panasonic viera TH-L24C5D in my room but its nt smart tv so does this work on my tv and it is available in india or nt

  4. Robert Matear November 14, 23:57

    There is only one standalone media player that you should buy from Android which is truly amazing and that’s the new Nexus player.

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