The Ancient Chinese Secret Of Opening Cell Phone Battery Covers

Author xlxmarketing 24.3.2009. | 18:22

Ancient Chinese Secret of Opening Cellphone Battery Covers

Or how to open cellphone battery covers with the ease of a thousand splendors

By Michael Wong

Rather than share my thoughts about China and the Chinese people as I usually do, today I’m going to change it up a little with this wonderful little tip I learned from Kitty from Chinavasion’s Quality Control department.

I was over at the Chinavasion QC department the other day testing out some new wholesale cell phones when I came across a real beauty: a quad-band, dual-SIM work of art with an accelerometer, which gives the unlocked phone several iPhone-like functions.

After five minutes of admiring its awesome beauty, I decided I needed to get back to work. So I turned the cell phone over to insert the lithium ion battery.

But the cover wouldn’t budge.

I tried sliding my thumb over the surface but I couldn’t get any traction. I changed hands and used my other thumb. I pleaded with the phone and even used both thumbs to coax it open: all to no avail.

By this time, I was sweaty, flustered and on the verge of dropping the F bomb.

Then Kitty walked by, took the phone and slipped off the cover without any effort whatsoever.

When I came out of my trance, I tracked Kitty down and told her I would buy her a red bean cake if she would just teach me that wonderful trick.

She did and as a result, I’m happy to share it with you today.

Kitty’s truly amazing incredibly awesome method of opening a cellphone battery cover.

Cell Phone Magic Trick, How To Get The Back Off A Cell Phone ( @ Yahoo! Video (

The first part of the video shows my inefficient method of opening a cellphone battery cover. The second half shows Kitty’s truly amazing incredibly awesome method of opening a mobile phone battery cover.

When you think about the physics behind Kitty’s method, you’ll notice that the palm method is far superior to the thumb method because pressure is spread out over a larger surface area and thus applied more evenly! Furthermore, the palm can get much better traction than a thumb. Einstein would be so proud!

Well that’s it for me this week, stay tuned for more anecdotes of Michael being embarrassed by Kitty in the near future.

And don’t forget to check out our growing range of unlocked cell phones that aren’t only easier to open now they’re easier to sell online because they are not attatched to any specific network provider.

Author xlxmarketing 24.3.2009. | 18:22
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  1. Ian January 4, 01:07

    You helped me. Thanks

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  3. Constantinos December 3, 16:00

    Hi got my first phone from Chinavasion and I have the same problem-I can’t play the video showing how to open the back cover, is it possible to put it back on?


  4. Shirley December 13, 09:42

    Hi please contact with your order number, we will help you out.

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