Huawei launching a new phone in Africa

Author Chinavasion Marketing 6.2.2013. | 11:51

Since the recession in 2007 the scales of economical power took a huge turn with the East becoming richer as many Westerner nations felt the wrath of the recession. In the following years a huge shift in balance of power has happen with many Westerner nations losing their influence and power and countries in the East such as China have risen dramatically have already over taken over nations. China is spreading its influences now via trade to the developing parts of the world, and a big target for them is Africa. Africa has a lot of natural resources that China desperately need, and in return China injects much needed infrastructure and money into certain regions of Africa. Africa no longer rely on their former colonial masters in Europe and have instead to embrace Beijing and welcome them. The business formula that Chinese use suits African businessmen but not the workers, while the Europe business module is preferred by the workers rather than the management. Therefore African managers, bosses and landowners opt to deal with the Chinese as it is better and easier for them.

One of China’s biggest players, Huawei is embracing its expansion overseas and is now introducing a Windows based smartphone in Africa. The telecom giants will make this phone exclusively available in Africa with plans to develop cheap wireless broadband. China has a desire to launch this phone at an affordable price that will attract most of the African market. Several African countries have accepted China’s expansion, where the governments have welcomed the telecom giants from the East. Angola, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria and fellow BRIC member South Africa have all embraced the Chinese expansion. The phone that has been chosen to be released is a customized version of one of their previous phones, with a 5 megapixel camera, a 4 inch touch screen and can be on standby for up to 420 hours. To read more about this then please click here.

For anyone now in Africa that is looking to take advantage of a great cheap mobile phone then Chinavasion has a whole category dedicated to cheap cell phones at an awesome wholesale price that is sure to rival Huawei. Until Huawei finally decide to launch this phone, take some time to check out the competition at Chinavasion.

QWERTY Cell Phone with Triple SIM Card Slots “TriZone” is a budget phone with all the essential functions you need and no nonsense. With three SIM Card slots, this unlocked mobile phone is both a cost-effective business solution and an ideal device for daily communications.

With its convenient QWERTY keyboard, the “TriZone” lets you enjoy everything with the ease of a truly enjoyable interface. The main advantage of a QWERTY keyboard is to make it easier for you to compose and send emails, SMS, and search queries. Even if many users are satisfied with the virtual keyboard of most phones these days, we recommended that a real keyboard is much more comfortable particularly for business users.

On call and accessible with one SIM card dedicated entirely for work purposes to keep your work efficient. A dedicated work number also helps you maintain a professional image. For Personal Calls is is always reachable 24/7, you can have one SIM card just for your family and friends. For Travel Purposes you can make sure to keep an international pay-as-you-go SIM card ready and available. Making calls on your next trip can be easier and cheaper when you’re prepared.

This phone comes in at a really low and affordable cost, just the phone itself is 34.99 US dollars.

Rugged Waterproof Mobile Phone with QWERTY Keyboard, 2.3 Inch Screen, Dual SIM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is ideal for serious outdoors use while still being thin and stylish.

Capable of working in the toughest environments, the “Titanium” is protected by an all-round bumper frame which can absorb socks and drops endured by the phone. Rated with an IPx5 waterproof rating, the phone can be exposed to rain, water jets and other water sources without a problem. A handy backlit QWERTY keyboard is featured for fast text input and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also built-in.

With a standby time of more than 15 days, this phone won’t let you down when you need it most. The Dual SIM function on the “Titanium” allows you to insert two SIM cards at the same time and even though this phone is built robustly, it still easily fits in your pocket and sports a stylish look. On top of that, a 2MP camera lets you snap a quick picture or video and performs every other task you could expect from your phone. If your job requires you to have a robust phone or if you need something stronger, then the “Titanium” is just what you need.

This phone is ideal for handing harsh environments that are plenty in many areas of Africa .

Slim Bar phone with worldwide quad band GSM reception, Bluetooth, Analog TV and dual SIM feature ready to be fired into use!

Hit the target direct without any nonsense with Chinavasion’s coolest low-priced phone, the “Bullet”. This wholesale priced phone doesn’t contain all the nonsense that Samsung and iPhone have, this phone is simple and gets the job done. It is practical for the man on the go with dual SIM, allowing it to be used for work and personal use; also it has functions such as Bluetooth capability allowing you connect and sync to other Bluetooth devices. It has a simple to dial keypad, active buttons for either SIM card, and quadband GSM connectivity so you can use it all around the world.

If you think you are like everyone else who thinks they are a photographer because they have a high megapixel camera with instragram then the “Bullet” is not for you, yet it has a camera allowing you to take simple pictures to send to your friends. Please be warned that if you spend many hours taking photos of cameras wearing melons on their heads then look elsewhere. Keep it simple is what the designers of the “Bullet” were thinking, nothing flashy and nothing over the top, but yet the “Bullet” has a silver chrome looking case with a processor speed of 208MHz and an internal flash memory that can deliver what is needed and still look acceptable thanks to its basic and vintage design.

Do you own a small business and need to buy functional, but budget friendly, mobile phone for your employees? Do you need to buy an affordable phone for someone that has a bad habit of losing theirs? Do you need an easy to use phone to keep you connected while you send your iPhone 4S in for repairs? Then the “Bullet” mobile phone is for you.

The ultra slow price has this phone for under 30 US dollars making it a brilliant bargain.

With China boosting its efforts into the African continent, Chinavasion is also offering its deals to Africa as Chinavasion can post and deliver any product anywhere. Don’t feel left out if you’re not in Africa as Chinavasion has many great products at an awesome wholesale price that can be shipped to you no matter where you are within 24 hours after an order with a 12 month warranty. Brought to you by the leaders in electronic devices and cheap mobile phones, Chinavasion.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 6.2.2013. | 11:51
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