How To Use A Robot Lawn Mower, The Quick And Easy Way To Set Up Your Lawn

Author xlxmarketing 20.3.2009. | 17:01

You may or may not have heard about the robot lawn mower, which worked via remote control or by itself.

You were probably overjoyed about the prospect of never mowing the lawn again and not having to pay the shiftless kid that only did half the job right and stole all your fruit in the process.

That’s if they didn’t cost the earth to get. Anybody asking “how much does a robot mower cost?” would probably be asked “which body part do you think you could do without?”

But now that Chinavasion has come out with the most affordable new Robot mower you will see on the internet today.

But horror upon horrors it didn’t work that well and your dreams of a really lazy Sunday disappeared for good.

Or did they, it is possible… with a little preparation to have a mower that will cut your lawn without any involvement from you.

So how exactly do you setup the mower to do its automated cutting cycle? The most important step is to prepare your lawn properly by ensuring three things:

  1. Making sure there’s nothing on the lawn to stop the robo mower from working properly
  2. Making A perimeter, to tell the robot lawn mower where to go
  3. Selecting the right pattern to make sure the mower does the lawn in one trip

Clearing The Lawn Of Debris And Craters

If you ever played on a slip and slide as a kid you’ll know how much rocks and holes can ruin your day.

While the wheels of your electric robomower can handle gentle climbs and bigger obstacles it will potentially have difficulty with some items on the lawn and holes in the ground.

That means you need to clear away obstacles including holes that are small in diameter but quite deep (like those made with a baseball) as well as rocks which may get jammed under the wheels and stop it from moving.

Making A Perimeter, To Tell The Robot Lawn Mower Where To Go

Once you’ve done that you’ve now got to finish the more time-consuming but more important task of building the lawn perimeter fence.

Our model CVFN-OG01 electric robomower comes with 100 stakes and 100 meters of wire. This is adequate for a small lawn (25 square meters or less), however if you have a larger lawn you will need to buy additional 14 gauge THHN solid copper wire.

Don’t take it for granted that your robo lawn mower comes with all the perimeter wire you need.

So what exactly do you need to do with all these stakes and bundle of wire?

You are going to build a tension fence to tell robot mower to turn 180 degrees and shift to start cutting another section of lawn when the front sensors of the mower hit the fence.

There doesn’t need to be any guesswork when it comes to burying the stakes or placing the wires, the stakes come with notches that help you know when you have buried them into your lawn at the right height.

The first thing to do is to get the right tension for the fence.

Before you go ahead and place the entire perimeter you may find you may need to do a test fence.

Start by placing four or five stakes 1 meter apart, run the wire between them and then start using the mower on that section of the lawn to test the strength of the fence.

By doing this you should be able to set the right tension for the wire and the right distance for the pegs. Depending on soil firmness (or lack thereof), you should be able to get the correct spacing for your lawn conditions before too long.

After you have determined the right tension of wire and the right distance between pegs it will be no problem for you to set up the remainder of the perimeter fence.

Once you have cleared your lawn and made your perimeter fence you can start planning your first lawn trimming.

Selecting The Right Path For Your Robo Mower To Follow

As you probably noticed in your first tests of the unit, when the robot mower hits the perimeter fence it will do a 180 turn and shift so as to start cutting another section of lawn.

As with anything robotic the robo mower follows a set pattern.

As you can see from the diagram above the robomower can be set up to start at the lower end of the lawn and it will automatically cut the whole yard from one end to the other with no guidance from you.

If you have flower beds, shrubs or other obstacles within the lawn area where your robot mower will be working then you will need to also put a fence around those areas, which may cause the mowers cutting pattern to be incomplete.

By doing a few supervised test runs you can best determine how to orient your new robot mower when it begins its job so that it navigates your lawn successfully.

After the proper amount of preparation and trial runs you can finally let your robotic electric lawn mower do its job on its own. Then your only chore will be turning the ON button when it is time to mow and placing your robomower in the charging station after it is done mowing your lawn!

So if you’re thinking about getting a robot mower and were turned off by the complexity or cost, check out Chinavasion’s robo mower. Not only is it the most affordable new robo mower you’ll see online it is also possibly the easiest to set up thanks to this blog.

Please Remember

This product is a true lawn cutting mower and like any type of mower, care should be used during its operation. It should only be operated by an adult.
This electric mower uses a rechargeable battery. It may take 3-4 usage cycles before you can properly determine the battery life between charges. If you want additional information regarding battery life Check out this blog on how to extend battery life.

Author xlxmarketing 20.3.2009. | 17:01
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  1. Grant October 17, 07:06

    Does this Robomower have spare parts that can be purchased such as a spare battery and blades.

  2. Grant November 19, 12:03

    Is this mower capable of mowing in 2 separate areas. I have purchased this mower and noticed that the mower must return to its docking station at the start of each run before it can commence mowing the lawn. This means that I have to relocate the docking station each time I move the mower to a different zone. It would be great if I could leave the docking station in one location while being able to mow in 2 separate zones.Other robot mowers use a perimeter switch to overcome this problem. Will this mower operate properly with a perimeter switch from another manufacturer?

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