EXPECTED SOON: Get TWO more SIM card slots without replacing your Phone or Tablet!

Author xlxmarketing 1.2.2013. | 16:18

If you want your Android phone or iPhone to accommodate 2 more SIM cards at the same time, or you would like to make calls, send SMS and search the internet on your iPod, iPad or any Android tablet anywhere anytime,then KaKa, a tiny companion device is right for you.

Thanks to the slim design and wireless Bluetooth connection technology, KaKa can be easily slipped into any small pocket or wallet, acting as an invisible companion of iPod, iPad or Android tablet.

Simply insert one or two SIM cardsinto KaKa to make a phone call, send a message, or surf the Internetusingyour iPad or an Android tablet. To add one more Dual SIM/standby mobile phone feature to the tablet, you only need to download the apps and then connect the tablet with it via Bluetooth!

Check out these pictures of the KaKa taken by our Sourcing and QC team!





Key Features

  • Turn your iPad, or any Android tablet into a Phablet.
  • Compatible with Apple iOS 4.0, Android 2.2 above.
  • Transform your phone into a triple SIM phone.
  • Slim, light weight, fashion design.
  • 850/900/1800/1900MHz.
  • Bluetooth.

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Author xlxmarketing 1.2.2013. | 16:18
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  1. Michael February 5, 23:13

    Oh, I am so in. Very useful when I’m traveling or wish to use my phone for both business and pleasure. I can have a sim for each.

  2. Yo man February 5, 23:44

    Where i can buy it?

  3. Ashraf Quraishi February 5, 23:45

    I am your old customer. I always love to get new gadgets and Chiavasion is the best place for that. Please let me know when Kaka is available. I would like to purchase at least two pieces if the price is reasonable. Let me about the price in advance if it is possible.

  4. carlos simoes February 6, 00:02


    we do like receiver information when you have new produts.

    thank you your atenttion.

    best regards,

    Carlos Simoes

  5. ian February 6, 00:14

    great when can i get one

  6. Roger J Lundkvist February 6, 00:43

    I want one! I really good idea! So…give me one.. I WANT IT!!

  7. Christopher Weekes February 6, 01:13

    Quite interesting. Can definitely use it.

  8. Joao Borges February 6, 04:28

    It seems wonderfull if it will be for incoming and outgoing calls and it will be in hotstandby.
    When will it be available and what will be the price ? What is the batery life ?
    Is it available to Symbian ?

    Thank you

  9. Paulo Souza February 6, 19:45

    gostaria de saber quando o produto for disponibilizado para venda.

  10. Ray Harvey February 6, 20:39

    Looks VERY interestng!

  11. Rajodien February 7, 04:36

    Smart idea.
    How much will it cost?

  12. ray February 7, 05:17

    Can we turn iPod into iPhone ???
    Or Ipad WiFi into 3G..

    I don’t think so, (no native software)

    On other hand, if we have a dialer too, then why not

  13. Anant Boontengchan February 7, 07:06

    Yes, I am very much interesting in this kind of product, when will be available? and What is the prices.

  14. Shirley February 7, 09:17

    Hi Ray,
    Yes your ipod can be turned into an iPhone but it’s 2G not 3G

  15. John February 8, 21:05

    Could make a difference if the retail price does not exceed $15

  16. lee covey February 10, 05:13

    Please let me know when i can get it and how much

  17. Shirley February 16, 13:29

    now you can get it from here:


  18. Kiwi Arthur February 26, 05:55

    Nice idea but really needs 3G capability to make it useful in New Zealand.

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