Hurry Up, Only One Week Left to Win an Android Smartphone

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.1.2013. | 16:07

In the first sweepstake, we gave away three Android TV boxes free of charge to three winners, they were happy to receive and commented on our blog, Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re new to Chinavasion, you might not have noticed the second round of our ‘Like-Us on Facebook’ sweepstake had already started, and we would like to announce again that we will start selecting winners on Feb 5th. Each winner will receive one ThL Android cell phone from Chinavasion for free. Hurry up if you haven’t registered yet.

Now who wants to win a ThL dual SIM Android phone? It has the perfect size to easily fit in your pocket with its 3.5 Inch screen but still offers a great way to watch your favorite movies. Download any of the 600.000 apps offered in the Google Play store and rest assured that the A1 will run any app at a great speed.

Click here to enter:

chinavasion second sweepstake
Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.1.2013. | 16:07
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  1. chris January 28, 19:29

    i have a dual sim phone its realllllyyy gooddddddddd

  2. ABDUL January 28, 19:50

    my fav. website as im in love with gadgets..

  3. Juan Medina January 28, 20:04

    Yo compro en CHINAVASION

    ustedes son lo mejor!

  4. Bimal Panthi January 28, 20:07

    I most like chinavaison website for latest information of electronic gadgets.

  5. laura January 28, 20:12

    Can you buy several items and sell them

  6. Amy Kincade January 28, 21:50


  7. REBECCA STEPHEN January 28, 21:51

    I do not have a camera, and would love this one

  8. Adam Roberts (@Strawsnake) January 28, 22:06

    I like phones, they remind me of a day when people were connected.

  9. Seth L. Gibson January 28, 23:09

    Hope to win

  10. ISRAEL MORALES January 28, 23:39

    Interested in products to bring to Mexico

  11. Keith Manns January 29, 00:59

    Love the website, love Chinavasion!

  12. Antonios Katsanis January 29, 01:17

    Chinavasion is a reliable company but due to the distance it’s difficult to buy more(high transport cost)

  13. bertone January 29, 05:16

    verry nice phone hope i win it

  14. nancy bentle January 29, 08:14

    I never had a smart phone before

  15. nikolaos January 29, 10:17

    very nais from grecce ????? ????

  16. Joseph January 29, 10:32

    Awesome phone!!!

  17. jacqueline January 29, 13:36

    Love this phone

  18. Shahid Hassan Butt January 29, 16:19

    Love your products and ideas

  19. ulber January 29, 23:08


  20. ulber January 29, 23:08

    I hope Im the winner !! 🙂

  21. mohammed January 29, 23:33

    thank you for the smart tools in your great site , i like our the technologies …

  22. RyanPaul January 29, 23:56

    would like to have the 6″ phone from Chinavasion. I think their products can compete to most of the branded phones out in the market today.

  23. stojanco January 30, 00:56

    go.go.go.go you are the BEST

  24. stojanco January 30, 00:57

    go.go.go you are the BEST

  25. jaco January 30, 01:44

    This is a very good informative site and what makes it more nicer is that the more you buy the cheaper it gets.
    Thank you for a nice site.

  26. Alice January 30, 04:14

    I am new to your site and am amazed at all your products. Pricing is really great glad I stumbled upon it.

  27. Tibor January 30, 05:45

    Very very nice phone, wonderful !

  28. Perry Truong January 30, 06:22

    I love this web site, but I need a case protection for the phone.

  29. win4net January 30, 08:23

    Blend and harmony between the needs of a modern lifestyle in almost all Chinavasion

  30. Shirley January 30, 11:06

    Hi Perry, this phone can fit multiple phone cases as long as the size and the camera location are right for it.

  31. Kelvin Kortu Kollie January 30, 14:39

    Chinavasion has been an inspiration to many Africans including Liberians as well. Since your inventions, Africa has continue to enjoy the world wide coverage in mobile phones technology and widest covery of smart phones. I hope that you will find reasons to open one of your sales houses in Liberia so as to expand the needs and aspirations of many Liberians who just can’t afford to purchase smart phones. Thanks again for far sightedness in bringing the world closer to our door steeps.

  32. chetan malviya January 30, 20:26

    wonderful and unbeleivable product from CHINAVASION.

  33. William Elliott February 3, 07:43

    My last phone I bought was from Chinavasion, it is the old LevelUp phone which I believe isn’t sold any more. It has done well. The speaker has blown, but I would blame myself for that. But every time I buy something from here it arrives quickly and the service is great. GO CHINAVASION!

  34. Panayiotis Voulgaris February 4, 21:40

    I have shopped from chinavasion many times and i really like the produces. all products where fantastic and as described on the site.

    Will buy again many times.

  35. salim bin rahman February 9, 10:24

    Im a wholesales of Electronics iteam in I like your products. if you like to marketing in please let me know.thanks.

  36. winochia (@winochia2) June 17, 10:38

    i want one

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