Australia Day – Chinavasion celebrates with special Australia Day deals

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.1.2013. | 10:47

“Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!”… “Oi,Oi,Oi!”. January 26th is Australia Day and this is the official national day of Australia. Australia Day, which was previously known as Anniversary Day, Foundation Day, and ANA Day celebrated when the first British fleet arrived in 1788 at New South Wales. This day is celebrated heavily and enjoyed by all true Australian nationals; even with a bit of bad liberal press insulting the patriots of this proud land down under, the Australians stay united and celebrate the great land that they have built up, even if they do have most of the deadliest animals as neighbors. Australian day is enjoyed in every state and territory in Australia and they have special ceremonies such as Australian of the year award, which is actually celebrated on the Eve of Australian day.

At Chinavasion we are celebrating Australia Day with 9 great offers on 9 unique products. We suggest you turn the BBQ on, put Jimmy Barnes on the stereo, grab a cold one and enjoy an Australian kiss… “What’s an Australian kiss?” I hear you say; well it is like a French kiss but down under. After all that log on to and see the awesome deals that are on offer for a limited time only. It’s ‘Straya Day!

After Australia Day, you’ve probably nailed several or several hundred cold ones and eaten so much BBQ that half of the livestock in the area has ended up in your digestive system. This seemed liked a great idea at the time but now it’s time to ensure they you will see Australian day the following year with this blood pressure monitor device that connects with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

They say “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” well this could be true when it concerns this blood pressure monitor, which can connect with iOS Apple products such as the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. Measuring blood pressure and pulse rate, the Smart blood pressure monitor saves all this valuable information and then transfers via the iHealthDock application to any iOS device. With the options to allow multiple users, this blood pressure device can be a weekly family check up around the kitchen table allowing you to get results for your health reference.

I am sure many Australians will take advantage of the southern hemisphere’s summer time in January and head to the beach in their masses. Chilling back while their friends catch the waves, and now Chinavasion has a recommendation for those that have an iPhone or and iPad. An attachment that turns your iOS device into a real gaming rig with the use of this Bluetooth Game Pad. Play on the beaches just by simply plugging in your iphone.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to this Bluetooth game controller for the ultimate gaming experience for your retro and even not so retro games! The Game Pad has 4 action keys, L1 and R1 Keys, Start and Select buttons and a 360 degree control pad, offering all the action buttons you need to play emulated games on your iOS device. The Bluetooth Gamepad is also compatible with iCade supported games meaning you have iCade games this bluetooth game pad will work right out of the box.

Click your iPhone 4 or 4s in the holder and slide the holder into the Gamepad for comfortable handheld gaming. Or pair your iPhone 5 or iPad through Bluetooth and use the controller without the holder. The 200mAh battery has enough juice to power the controller up to 24 hours.

Stop the sand or any spillage from damaging your iPad with this fancy leather case. It is mock alligator but you can say “Crikey! It’s a croc, isn’t she a beauty”.

This leatherette briefcase for the iPad features a powerful 3.5 watt solar charging panel that charges throughout the day powering a 4400mAh backup power battery installed in this stylish iPad case. And this fashionable iPad case will not only protect your iPad from any scratches or dents but is also a designer alligator briefcase that definitely belongs on any major City high street!

Put this iPad briefcase on any surface with its handy magnetized stand. You’ll be able to prop your iPad up in Starbucks, on your sofa or on the train, then flip the stand back and it will neatly fit back in place. And this leatherette iPad briefcase will not only charge your iPad but it will also charge any other device you have, using the mini USB port and mini USB cable provided free.

While having a party in the garden or a BBQ in the park then this iPhone or iPod dock is the perfect stereo system that can be used to listen to Men at Work, Kylie Minogue, ACDC or Jimmy Barnes.

First and Foremost, this iPhone/iPod dock will directly play your favorite music collection from your iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPod, or iPod Touch through its high power speakers. With treble and bass adjustment, you can always choose the best sound effects to suit your taste. In addition, you can also stick in your USB drive or SD card and play music directly through this iPhone/iPod Dock.

Second of all, with internet radio you get access to endless hours of FREE entertainment. You can easily use a Wi-Fi dongle or the Ethernet port to connect to internet. With just a few clicks, you will be able to choose from thousands of free internet radio stations and listen to news, sports events, music, audio book, etc. And if you like them, you can simply press the record button and record them directly to your USB or SD card.

For those Australians that love the outdoors and want to be with nature may want to take this water resistant flashlight for when they are camping in the outback. Not many things can thrive in the outback and without being properly equipped, humans are definitely one thing that still needs to adapt. One way of fighting evolution and Mother Nature is this LED camping lamp.

Lamp style camping flashlight with bright 3W LED beams for outdoor trips, camping, or even search and rescue parties. Its aluminum metal shell together with rubber-encased tail click makes it water resistant and allows you to use under any weather conditions and in any environment.

It’s totally compact, lightweight and portable. You can hang it in a tree, or put it on the ground when camping outdoors. Its 160 lumens LED light is also great for anything from lighting paths, odd garage repair jobs, or outdoor 24 hour orientation events. From police officers, security guards, military personnel to university mechanics, adventure tour guides, anyone can take advantage of this compact but powerful LED flashlight.

Most Aussies love sports, and why not? They seem to dominate or do very well in most. Chinavasion has a suggestion to help you record those special moments. This Sports Action Camera is exactly what is needed to record that hard tackle in rugby, the mayhem in Aussie rules football or that bowl in cricket.

To extreme sport practitioners, life is all about those moments of reaching extreme climaxes, satisfaction and real or self-imagined star fame. This excellent full HD waterproof rugged extreme sports camera is all you need. Sensational 1080P HD Video: The Acropolis HD – 1080P Full HD Extreme Sports Action Camera captures beautiful FULL HD 1080p video that can be previewed on its 1.5 inch TFT LCD screen. This waterproof camera records your sports most exciting moments in high quality HD video and high resolution 5 megapixel photos. There is no need to worry about memory capacity because this device can support a micro SD card with up to 32 GB capacity.

What really make the Acropolis HD Extreme Sports Camera special are the accessories that come with it. No matter what kind of sport equipment you are working with, the different mounting accessories together with the straps will allow you to easily attach this video camera to almost anything.

During Australia Day I can imagine thousands of pictures being taken and countless videos being recorded, therefore Chinavasion is offering this SDHC 64GB memory card at a great discount so you’ll never run out of storage space to save those moments. This SDHC 64GB memory card will add memory to your media players, digital camera and more.

An ideal companion for memory hungry products such as DSLR cameras, and a great way to store HD movies and programs while on the go, plug this 64GB SD card right inside your products for an immense expansion of 64GB.

In Australia it’s the summer time but it won’t be long before the winter draws in while the UK and the US enjoy the warm summer weather, Australia will be cooling down and to prepare for this we are offering this funky beanie hat with built-in headphones. This Beanie featuring in-built headphones and cool up thrust horns, letting you listen to your music collection whilst fashioning a great beanie hat and keeping warm!

This beanie hat is great for the winter time to keep you warm and looking great! Featuring 2 built-in headphones in each side of this beanie hat, you’ll receive great quality sounds directly through the hat. This beanie not only comes with in-built headphones but also features a pair of horns on the top of the beanie, for added fun! Listen to your music from your iPhone, android phone, MP3 player or any other PMP with a 3.5mm earphone connection with this hat and keep yourself warm at the same time. And speaking of your iPhone, the beanie hat’s 3.5mm earphone connector also comes with a built in MIC allowing you to talk as well as listen!

“Traveling in a fried-out combie, On a hippie trail head full of zombie, I met a strange lady, she made me nervous, And he took me in and gave me breakfast… And she said, Do you come from a land down under? Where women glow and men plunder? Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover”. They say things down under are just that bit different and this Bluetooth Mushroom LED lamp can really be that bit of difference needed in your life.

LED lamp and speaker combo in a cool gadget mushroom shape with touch controlled LED lights and wireless Bluetooth reception of music.

LED table lamp “Shiitake” in a cool mushoom shape is the perfect gadget companion for your desk side needs. The “Shiitake” features bright LEDs that are completely touch controlled just by pressing the top, wireless transmission of music from your phone or PC over Bluetooth to the high quality 3W speaker, and even a Micro SD card port that allows you to directly playback of MP3 music on your lamp and speaker combo.

Well there you go, 9 unique items on sale now at an incredible discount. At Chinavasion we will celebrate Australian day and we hope that for all the Aussie blooded individuals out there that they have a great day and please may sure to check regularly out ‘Specials’ page to see other awesome items that Chinavasion have on offer, reduced from their already low wholesale price. Brought to you by the leaders in electronic devices and holiday discounts, Chinavasion.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.1.2013. | 10:47
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