Lens-Less imaging system for cars

Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.1.2013. | 11:40

Scientists in the US have been researching in depth in the area of lesn-less imaging system, which could help avoid car collisions. Metamaterials have properties that are specifically designed, these samples infra-red and microwave light to help build the imaging system that is implemented. The sensors that are used operate in a unique fashion; they compress the image it is capturing rather than compressing after capturing the image. Digital cameras require a lens to concentrate a image on a sensor that has millions of tiny sensors within, and the more sensors there are then the better resolution image is produced.

The imaging system in question to be used in the way we could drive in the future actually has no lens but instead uses metamaterial mask and advanced mathematics to create an image. This combination helps to indicate light via wavelengths. Then the advanced maths is to use the retrieved data to create a 2D picture. At the moment this imaging system could capture around 10 images per second and compresses the data that is collected. This technology could be adapted into the body of a road vehicle so that it can read its surroundings. To read the full article please click here.

At Chinavasion we haven’t quite got the lens-less metamaterial to help prevent car collisions but instead we have a passenger that is the best witness no matter the problem. Our car DVR range is vast and is full of variety. Below are five of our bestselling car DVRs.

Just stick this HD car DVR on your windshield and watch as it captures crystal clear full HD 1080p video of your whole journey. The wide angle lens won’t miss a single detail, and you can even manually rotate the camera lens around up to 132 degrees, letting you record whatever you need to. This car DVR also includes a backup G-sensor for guaranteed recording even in high impact collisions – truly a powerful car black box device.

When you’re not driving, just detach this car DVR and watch it transform into a personal handheld camcorder. With a 360 degree rotatable flip-out LCD Screen, anti-shake function, a tripod socket, rotating cam head, motion detection, and much more, you have everything you need in a portable camcorder. Capture the beautiful nearby scenery, record your kids as they play around in the grass, or use it for out-of-car checkups after a collision. When you’re done, mount it back inside your car – it only takes a second.

Continuously record whatever is happening in front of your car to avoid any fraudulent insurance claims from staged accidents as you will have recorded video proof of what actually happened. Recording in 1080p Full HD, the video footage of the road will be crystal clear. Also turn the 170 degrees rotating lens in the desired position which combined with the lens having a 120 degree viewing angle means you can cover any angle you want.

Easy to install to the windshield using the versatile mount with suction cup, you’ll be able to able to begin recording instantly. Additionally you can take the car DVR dashcam right off the windshield after an accident and record the accident scene meaning you get both the accident footage and after accident footage all in one device! Select between different recording modes such as cycle recording to save memory, anti shake recording, and night vision recording supported by 8 IR LEDs. Plug in a SD Card up to 32GB to save all your recorded data and view it on the 270 degree rotatable flip-up screen or by plugging it to a HDMI cable.

This ultra compact Car DVR has two cameras that can both be rotated 270 degrees, allowing for recording high definition videos from two different angles. The night vision feature will also allow you to make clear recordings in relatively dark environments. Compared to normal car DVRs, this new model introduces two new functions. The GPS Logger allows you to open up Google Maps and you can instantly see your vehicle’s driving track, speed, time, and date. The G-Sensor that is also known as the gravity sensor, this car DVR detects and records any sudden motion or speed changes in X, Y and Z axis. As soon as any sharp braking, rapid acceleration, excessive cornering or sudden impact occurs, you can be sure this car DVR remembers.

In practice, cars DVRs are used to avoid fraudulent lawsuits due to road accidents. The dual cameras complement each other by recording in-car and what happens outside of it. In addition, this devices could also serve as an excellent company vehicle management tool to track the distance and route traveled of potentially slacking drivers.

This Car DVR can record 30fps video at 1080p/720p/480p. The wide angle HD Eagle Dash Cam will capture clear video for monitoring you car or journey; providing the ultimate DVR experience for an amazing price. It has a flip-out LCD Screen, anti-shake function, a versatile mount, rotating cam head, a solid black casing and USB cable, MicroSD card slot, Motion Detection, and so much more.

The compact black Eagle Dash Cam is very easy to setup, mount and start recording from the moment the device is turned on. It performs incredibly fast from turning on to recording. You can record in 3 Different Modes, power on normal continuous recording, motion detection recording for security and cycled recording for saving data space. It has a multiple language menu which is very easy to navigate; you don’t have to mess around with this camera to get it to work. Just switch the gadget on and it can instantly auto-record awesome HD video. It has a great 140 degree Wide Angle view for getting the full view of the road in front of you, the Lens also rotates 180 degrees and the LCD screen 270 degrees. All this plus an easy-to-setup suction pad and a versatile mount mean you can set the camera up however you want.

Pull over and pick up the Dual Camera Car DVR to allow that extra pair of eyes to record everything. Cars are growing in numbers and the possibility of a road accident is increasing, but thanks to the high 1280×720 video resolution it records any incident that may occur perfectly. Two cameras are included in this DVR set. One camera is built right into the DVR giving you a forward view of what is going on, while the other is placed on the rear view window to record what is happening behind. Truly full car coverage and documented video proof that can help you in your insurance claims. Even better, the Dual camera car DVR can record a complete cycle uninterrupted with no leakage seconds to ensure awesome footage and with 120 degrees viewing angle for the cameras it shouldn’t miss a thing.

Keep yourself protected from fraudulent lawsuits on the road with some of the most advanced car DVRs ever. Brought to you at a great price by the online leader in China wholesale electronics and car DVRs, Chinavasion.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.1.2013. | 11:40
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