ThL W5 Phone Review – Probably The Best Dual SIM Smartphone – The Red Ferret Journal

Author Lado Jovovic 14.1.2013. | 15:27

Gadget site ‘The Red Ferret Journal’ reviewed one of Chinavasion’s ThL W5’s and saw it was good. After running some test on it, using it for a couple of weeks and comparing it with a Samsung Galaxy SII and a Samsung Note, the guys at ‘Red Ferret’ came to the conclusion that the ThL W is an “extremely competent low cost Android Smartphone, which can compete with the best mid-range smartphones in the world. The dual SIM functionality is world class, the camera and GPS perhaps less so, but overall this is a phone which is good enough to recommend to your friends as a cheap alternative to the top models around today.”


 The handy SIM management in use.

Praised for its extremely handy dual SIM card function and superb 4.7 Inch HD screen, the W5 passed the test with a more than acceptable 7/10. Another remarkable feature of the W5 is its 2000mAh battery which can easily delivers over a day’s worth of work from a full charge.

 The ThL W5’s 2000mAh battery delivers enough juice for a whole day of work.

Other nice touches according to the Red Ferret are the excellent build quality, the phone feels solid, has a great ergonomic feel to it, and a superb screen. When compared with the Samsung SII and the Samsung Note, the W5 was found to be a nice compromise in size.

 The ThL W5 (Middle) compared to the Samsung Galaxy SII (Left) and Samsung Note (Right).

Note the W5’s great image quality!

However, Red Ferret also found a few weaker areas after using the W5 for a prolonged time. The camera for example delivers a bit less crisp pictures then the other High end camera phone. But keep in mind that the ThL W5 only cost’s a fraction of those other branded camera phones. The picture quality itself is still great and only minor flaws can be found.

 The top row pictures have been taken with the W5 and the images on the bottom by the Samsung Note.


Watch a detailed hand-on video review of the ThL W5 here.



Make sure to check the full review over at The Red Ferret and read more about the ThL w5’s features, reviewed by an independent source.

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Author Lado Jovovic 14.1.2013. | 15:27
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  1. pj January 15, 09:24

    way cheaper and better than the other smart phones out in the market

  2. Shirley January 16, 10:10

    it’s currently $241.35 per each

  3. Shirley January 16, 10:10

    it’s currently $241.35 per each

  4. manolis January 16, 14:34

    i dont see price but i know it,in few days i’m gone get it

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