New and unique technology at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show

Author Lado Jovovic 14.1.2013. | 11:44

New hardware and devices are being created and developed; innovations were usually dreamed up and created on the West Coast of the United States of America, but things are changing with Britain trying to put the ‘Great’ back into the name by creating some new and unique gadgets that hopefully will benefit our ever changing society. At this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show many interesting new products are emerging and one of these is the Golden-i head-mounted hands free computer, which is a small screen mounted on a head set that is worn just below the eye line, not obscuring your view however allowing ready access to data, communications and other utilities when required.

At Chinavasion we have some cool gadgets that are that mainstream but are probably going to increasingly more popular and may end up being most households. That is the Android Smart-TV. Chinavasion now allows you to purchase one of the several different types of Android Smart-TVs attachments to enhance your entertainment, mobile and TV experience. Here are a few of that Chinavasion can offer.

Watch HD movies, browse the internet, Skype, play games and so much more, directly on your TV with the “EZTV” box! Running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, you’ll have access to more than 600.000 apps, straight on your TV. Install Angry Birds, Temple Run, Plants Vs. Zombies, YouTube, Facebook and every other app your heart desires! Easily install your own HDD (Up to 2TB), save on the built in 2GB memory or plug in your portable Hard Drive

A whole array of ports will make sure that you can connect this box to every TV and even to your PC! Connect a wireless mouse and keyboard using one of the 4 USB ports to fully enjoy this powerful tool. . The “EZTV” box even supports the ‘Air Mouse’ feature! And connect to the internet wirelessly using WiFi of still do it the ‘Old School’ way by using an Ethernet cable.

An ARM Cortex A9 processor is the heart of the “EZTV” Box and the 1GB RAM makes sure all your apps run smoothly. Supporting 1080p playback, you’ll see all the action coming to you sharper than ever before.

Android TV 4.1 HDMI Mini PC with dual core 1.6GHz CPU processors, 1GB RAM, 1080p Playback, and WiFi N, turning your HD TV into a full HD Android 4.1 PC for browsing the internet, playing games, writing emails and watching media.

Introducing the new “SmartTV” which instantly turns your HD TV into an Android 4.1 powered PC by simply connecting the HDMI to your HDTV. Coming with Android 4.1 (Android’s latest and greatest OS with more functionality and power) the “SmartTV” also comes with the power of a dual core 1.6 GHz CPU processor, 1GB RAM, 1080p playback, and WiFi N speed, making your TV into an Android media monster. Quickly and easily download thousands of gaming or productivity apps over Google play app store, download and store your HD movies and more 4GB of internal memory that is easily expandable to 16GB by inserting a microSD card. Literally an “android on a stick” this HDMI android player even comes with an HDMI extension cable, allowing you to easily install the “SmartTV” to the most suitable position for your own needs.

Enhance your home multimedia capabilities by simply connecting this Android 4.0 PC TV device to your TV to watch your favorite YouTube videos, access streaming music, play games, surf the net and answer your emails, and more! Then switch to digital TV mode to pick up digital TV signals whenever you feel like a change. Truly a fully functioning Smart TV for a fraction of the cost.

In addition, you can use the remote control to record and pause your favorite digital TV programs, so that you can watch them any time and then download them to your 4GB of internal memory or on to your own 3TB external hard drive easily connected though a USB ports on the Android TV box. Also with an array of ports and TV connections including HDMI OUT and AV OUT for connecting your choice of TV set and 3 USB IN ports for your wireless mouse and keyboard as well as an external HD, ease of setup and use is a snap.

Chinavasion has a wide range of Android TV boxes and USB sticks that will please most households. These are seen as the future must have and they can be purchased at a fantastic wholesale price at now.

Other unique gadgets are also in stock at Chinavasion. Below is a look at three top selling cool gadgets that are certainly going to impress the masses.

This Wireless Quadband GSM Desk Phone is compatible with any GSM SIM card, allowing one to choose which wireless deal they want but mixing the usability of a desk phone. Rather than limited landline deals for a standard desk phone, this GSM phone works the same as a unlocked mobile phone allowing you to choose what SIM card deal you want. This GSM desk phone even allows you to send and receive SMS messages, meaning you will waste nothing on any SIM plan you buy.

Practical and stylish, the large button design of this GSM desk phone makes it easy to use and operate – especially for older folk and those with mental / physical disabilities and can’t operate a regular mobile phone. No longer do they have to hold those tiny phones in their hands again – let them use the traditional phones they’ve always been familiar with thanks to this Wireless Quadband GSM Desk Phone.

This comfortable black and pearl white fashion accessory is a wonderfully designed bracelet which also functions as a Bluetooth device which vibrates when you receive calls. It is made of a durable smooth plastic and has soft gel padding underneath so it won’t damage your skin. Many girls have their phones in their hand bags and don’t feel the vibration or even hear their ring tone in busy areas. With this awesome bracelet they can have a wearable fashion accessory and never miss a call again.

This beautiful bracelet also displays the caller ID, so you can see the phone number of the person calling, so instead of having to struggle opening your bag in a busy area, you can instantly tell if the call is important or not. You can also reject calls from the bracelet itself by pressing the B button three times. Another great feature of this bracelet is that it features a time display. A lot of girls these days don’t like wearing a tight fitting watch, and so this comfortable and stylish bracelet gives girls the perfect solution to have a cool fashion accessory that can also tell the time.

Practice your piano skills or your children’s skills anywhere, anytime, time with this Flexible Roll Up Synthesizer Keyboard Piano. Compact with many added functions, this keyboard Piano will go with you anywhere, anytime! These keys are designed using Silicon rubber, which allows you to neatly fold it away and store in your cupboard without damage. You can store it in your bag or rucksack and take it with you to the beach, friend’s house or the park to practice.

This Flexible Roll Up Synthesizer Keyboard Piano is fantastic for musicians on the go, new piano students or even as a gift to your child. With 61 standard layout piano keys, 128 different synthesized tones to choose from, 100 different rhythms to play with, and 40 demo songs available, this portable piano is comparable to any high end digital piano at only a fraction of the price.

To find out more on what cool gadgets are on offer at Chinavasion then log on and now and start searching. To read further information about the International Consumer Electronics Show then please click here.

Author Lado Jovovic 14.1.2013. | 11:44
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