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Author xlxmarketing 13.3.2009. | 13:57

You’ve all asked for it and Chinavasion has finally seen the light.

Due to overwhelming customer requests, we are now happy to have opened a whole new LED lighting category,

Looking for LED lights, just check out our LED light category in with all our fantastic health and lifestyle gear.

As you may have noticed, we have already introduced a whole series of replacement bulbs for the home.

Pretty soon you’ll be able to have cool interior design features like the LED etched door with LED lights from Chinavasion

We have plans to introduce additional high quality, wholesale priced LED lighting products such as rope light and landscape lights throughout 2009.

We firmly believe that with the rise in popularity of green gadgets, and energy conservation being very much at the forefront of people’s minds LED lights will be ‘the’ story of 2009.

7w LED light3w LED spot light
5w LED light bulb3w warm LED light bulb

These are just some of the environmentally and economically friendly LED bulbs available from Chinavasion’s latest range of LED Lamps

Why is 2009 the year of the LED you may ask….

Before we talk about LED lights, lets look at the other options out there on the market.

There are two primary lighting sources used today for home lighting – incandescent and fluorescent.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The good old-fashioned incandescent bulb… older than your grandpa with the same love of warmer temperatures

Incandescent produces a warm+pleasing light and the price of the bulbs is very low.

Fluorescent, primarily the compact fluorescent (CFL) lights made in the bulb form factor, use a lot less energy to produce the same amount of energy and well-made ones have a life expectancy 5x greater than an incandescent.

The angry buzz sweet song of the fluorescent bulb which lulls many an office worker into a lunchtime nap

Now there is a third choice for home lighting, LED lamps.

But what advantages do L.E.D lamps have over incandescent and fluorescent bulbs?

The first advantage is how much energy a LED bulb can save.

You can see from the table at the top of this blog that a LED lamp will throw out 60 lumens of light for every watt of electricity it consumes. That is six times more efficient than an incandescent bulb and nine percent more efficient than a fluorescent bulb.

Another reason that LED will storm the world is the quality of light (or the color of the light) a LED lamp produces.

The LED light produces a tone of light called neutral because the shade of white is often between the warm yellow of an incandescent bulb and the cool blue of a compact fluorescent light. This means it bathes the room in a neutral white light and doesn’t cast off the sickly blue/green hue so often attributed to fluorescent lighting.

One of the most popular items at Chinavasion for 2008, this remote controlled LED gives users all the functions of a lighting rig in one little bulb.

The final main advantage with LED is how durable and controllable they are.

LED lights are not temperature sensitive. If you live in a cold climate and tried putting any fluorescent lights outdoors you have already seen the effects cold weather has on fluorescent s – slow start up times and low light output.

LED’s are not sensitive to the ambient climate so you can use them in your patio or garage lights.

LED lights can be designed for directional or ambient lighting, meaning you can use them anyplace you would use a standard incandescent lamp.

Whether it is as a spot light for a wall display or as lighting for desk, there are LED bulbs designed to provide the proper type of light distribution required.

Look for more articles from Chinavasion about L.E.D’s in the months ahead. In the meantime check out our high quality home LED lighting products.

You’ll be hard placed to find any that are of such high qualities with such good prices.

Author xlxmarketing 13.3.2009. | 13:57
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