Chinavasion Has Announced the Second Sweepstakes

Author Lado Jovovic 9.1.2013. | 15:30

First of all, let’s give a big applause to the winners in our last sweepstakes. Your prizes are already on their way to you!

Now who wants to win a ThL dual SIM Android phone? It has the perfect size to easily fit in your pocket with its 3.5 Inch screen but still offers a great way to watch your favorite movies. Download any of the 600.000 apps offered in the Google Play store and rest assured that the A1 will run any app at a great speed.

In case you haven’t noticed, our second sweepstakes has just started a couple of days ago. This might be your chance to win this amazing phone so enter today! Remember, more shares means more entries, and more entries means more chances to WIN!

Last but not least, the second like-us campaign will be ending on Feb 5th. For people that haven’t entered the campaign yet, this is the perfect time!

chinavasion second sweepstake
Author Lado Jovovic 9.1.2013. | 15:30
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  1. Taizun Kachwala January 9, 19:08

    I love Chinavasion products as they are highly usable, cheap in cost, but not in quality. Great way to get technology products at street price.

  2. Mohammed Boukrachi January 9, 20:19

    Chinese products,despite rumors about the quality matter,are here for everyone to enjoy multimedia and all the virtual interaction possible at reasonable cost and fine quality!!! I personally trust Chinese products and wish more success and prosperity to the Chinese industry!!!

  3. nikolaos January 10, 00:16

    veri nais

  4. Steve Dadolf January 10, 21:01

    Happy New Year!!

  5. Ivy Jiang January 22, 11:49

    Reciprocal link FOR Chinavasion Sweepstakes!

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