Why wait for the dust to settle between the big names?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.1.2013. | 11:33

The big names are at it again, Apple and Samsung are trying to outperform each other. Looking at ways to improve their phones and produce the latest technology advancements in the mobile phone industry is part of their ways to find a way to success. Also these companies are trying to undercut each other by making cheaper phones, which sounds great to most fans of smartphones, however to do this they have to cut back in other areas such as size.

Chinavasion has a range of phones, which truthfully are not as well known internationally as like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy but are similar in matching them in specs while having the ability to do the same or similar things. Chinavasion’s phone stock ranges from cheap and rugged mobiles that are for the no-nonsense individuals that need a phone that does what they were originally designed for and that is to ring someone. The specs of these phones are not going to get you doing cartwheels but the durability, robustness of these phones makes these phones a whole different ball game. It reminds me of a funny scenario in the pub with some friends.

Peter is having a pint with his friends then Carl joins them. Peter’s phone ring and he answers it and tells his girlfriend he will be home later. He put his phone on the table and all his friend begin to laugh. Carl has a cheap but rugged phone similar to that of the ‘Vigis’, sold in the Chinavasion cheap phone range. “That’s crap” said Carl as he laughs and point at Peter’s phone. “This is a real phone!” sneers Carl as he pulls out a brand spanking new iPhone 5. “I can text, take pictures…” gloated Carl, “So can mine” responded Peter. “Okay, okay, but mine lets me adjust photos, download movies, play movies, shoot zombies and fire overly protective birds at green alien pigs” said Carl. “True, but I still think my phone is better” replied Peter. Carl chuckled and said loudly “My phone can do everything your phone can do but better as it has the latest specs and is iPhone making it great. If you can show me one thing your phone can do better than mine I will give you $500”. “Agreed” said Peter. Carl and Peter shake hands and then Peter said “Go on then show me”. Carl picked up his phone and started going through the menu section finding something that the iPhone 5 couldn’t do while Carl and other onlookers laughed. “Give up?” said Carl, and before Carl can finish laughing Peter stands up and throws his phone will full force of his right arm and launches his phone at the wall, and like most rugged mobile phones that have a magnesium frame and thick rubber protector it bounced off the wall unharmed. The room turns to silence as Peter looks at Carl who is sitting there stunned with his mouth wide open, “Your turn” smirked Peter.

Also if you are into smartphones and want something that isn’t going to make you homeless and hungry then Chinavasion has many great phones at an awesome wholesale price. ThL is a rapidly growing brand of mobile phones with great feedback and reviews, a previous blog written goes into depth about the company and what ThL products are on offer at Chinavasion. These ThL branded phones are ideal for anyone wanting a change but having the latest Android operating system with dual core CPUs.

Chinavasion also has other Android phones that have all the latest specifications and other cool features that will suit most people. Below is a popular and one of the top selling mobiles at Chinavasion is the FortisX.

3G Android Phone “FortisX” – Dual SIM, 3.2 Inch Touch Screen, GPS, Rugged Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof

This ultra-durable FortisX mobile phone features an internal hardened magnesium frame and 3.5mm rubberized casing that repels rain, dust, and blunt force, providing the ultimate in real world durability. That means you can drop it, throw it, step it on it, submerge it in water, hit it with a baseball bat, run it over with a jeep, and it’ll still come out in perfect shape. So the next time you need a rugged mobile handset on the construction site, while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, or when swimming across the Gulf of Sidra, look to the FortisX.

This rugged mobile phone also provides a set of outdoor tools and functions for any occasion, Bright, built-in LED flashlight that turns on and off with the single press of a button, Mountaineering clasp with magnetic compass, GPS navigation for getting you to your destination. With Android OS, you can now stay entertained and connected while you are out there exploring the great wilderness. Install apps like Google Sky Map to learn about the amazing night sky on a starry night in the wild, or run Peak.ar, Kinomap and other fun and useful outdoors and hiking apps to make your expenditure even more exciting. With 3G internet access, you can even share photos, upload videos and video chat with friends when you are in the remotest corner of the world.

Another phone is the “Horizon”. This is created as a portable hybrid bringing together all the advantages of both a tablet and a phone, which is neither too big nor too small! Perfectly fitting in your hand, the “Horizon” has a bright 6 Inch screen with 5 point capacitive multi touch. Enjoy gaming, surfing the internet, applications, HD movies and more on the large screen while still easily fitting in your pocket. Even better, with dual core CPU giving you 1GHz speed. Every app you throw at the “Horizon” will run smoothly and quickly.

Supporting Dual SIM cards, the “Horizon” will make it easy for you to keep work and private life separated by easily switching between two numbers on one phone. Also supporting both GSM and WCDMA networks, you’ll be able to use this phone almost anywhere in the world. Use the built in GPS to find the best route to your destination and snap high quality pictures with the built in 5MP (8MP with interpolation) camera. All of this can be done at an incredible speed thanks to the 1 GHz Dual Core CPU.

The “Squire” is created as a portable hybrid which is neither too big nor too small and perfectly fits in your hand. Performing all of its tablet and phone function such as making phone calls, emailing, installing apps and much more, the “Squire” is you ideal companion. Enjoy gaming on the large, bright screen and download every app your heart desires directly from the Google Play store, offering more than 600.000 apps! 3G and WiFi give you the possibility to stay connected to the internet wherever you are and the 1GHz Dual Core Processor will make multitasking fast and smooth.

Supporting Dual SIM, the “Squire” will be able to use both Quad band GSM and 850/210 WCDMA networks, allowing you to make phone calls anywhere in the world! And wherever you are, the built in GPS will always be able to help you find the quickest route to your destination. Capture splendid photos and videos using the 8 MP camera and view the them on the bright 854×480 Screen. And to make sure you can store all those files, the 4GB of internal memory can be expanded with a micro SD card up to 32GB.

Some people are cautious from buying from China due to the questionable repetition that Chinese manufacturers have created for themselves. Remember though that many things today are made in China, including your American branded iPhone and your Korean Samsung. The difference is the strict test these phones go through in quality control to reach a high satisfactory level. Now more and more Chinese companies are following pursuit to build a good repetition now they have learnt the value of what it takes for constant future business, of course there are some who will cut corners however at Chinavasion we are that roadblock that these companies must get through and they encounter a full inspection, background check and full quality control. To even enhance the trust Chinavasion offers warranty to any products that are faulty. This is only a tip of the iceberg of what Android phones and cheap mobiles that are on offer at Chinavasion.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.1.2013. | 11:33
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