Large Screen Android Phone “THL W7” – 5.7 Inch IPS HD Screen, 1 GHz Dual Core CPU

Author Lado Jovovic 4.1.2013. | 17:09

New in the Large Screen Android Phone category, the “THL W7” Large Screen Android Phone, featuring 5.7 Inch IPS HD Screen, 320 DPI, 1 GHz Dual Core CPU, and 1280×720 5 Point Multi Touch Screen … Check below to watch the product video!


The “THL W7” is Chinavasion’s branded Large Screen Android Phone to feature 5.7 Inch IPS HD Screen. Combined with the high pixel density of 320 DPI, you’ll be able to enjoy crystal clear images and watch HD movies like they were meant to be viewed. It even comes with a standby battery free in the box!

Thanks to the 1GHz Dual Core CPU, it can provide enough power to easily multitask and run the most demanding apps at a lightning fast speed. Running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, you can customize your phone as you like. Browse Google’s Play store and download any of the over 600.000 available apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds and much more!

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Interested in finding out more about this product? Post your comments below, or on the video on Youtube. All questions and suggestions are welcome!

Author Lado Jovovic 4.1.2013. | 17:09
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  1. Lua Tafau January 5, 08:22

    Is this product really 24g in wieght as given in the specs.

  2. Shirley January 7, 09:29


  3. Jason January 17, 13:07

    the product weighs far more than 24g.

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