How to improve your Wi-Fi signal the easy way

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.1.2013. | 16:02

A slow internet connection due to a weak Wi-Fi signal, we all know how it feels. But there is an easy way to boost your Wi-Fi signal to receive better streaming speeds and best of all, it’s FREE, doesn’t include knocking down walls in order for your signal to travel through more efficiently and you don’t need to be a savvy tech geek to do it! All you will have to do is change the channel of your router and tweak the setting for maximum speed. This is how it works:

Changing your router’s channel is much like tuning a radio to a different station and there is a simple reason why you might need to change your router’s network channel. With many Wi-Fi networks around you, wireless signals are likely to clash, causing radio interference which slow down the network traffic. Luckily, this can easily be fixed by switching to one of the least clogged network channels.

1. Download inSSIDer

InSSIDer is a full network analyzer which can determine the frequency your router (and your neighbors’ router) is on. Download and install the program from here and just click ‘Next’ repeatedly to install.


2. Scan for networks

Run inSSIDer and click on the tab marked ‘2.4GHz channels’. Find the start button at the top of the screen and let inSSIDer collect the info it needs about your local area networks. Give it a minute to search and click stop when no more networks are popping up.

3. Find a channel

The graph you see now is a map of which channels are used by the surrounding networks. The height of the graph represents the signal strength from your current location and the width of the graph shows which channels a particular network is using. Find an area with some empty space, or a quiet channel, and note its number down.


4. On the router

To set your router to the new channel, you’ll need to log in on your router. This differs for every model and every brand but a quick Google search should be able to help you out. (Usually, to access your router, entering in your browser bar should do the trick while your login credentials can be found on your router itself.)

5. Set the channel

Once logged in, navigate to the advanced setting screen and select the Channel you want your router to run on. Remember to use a channel which is not clogged by other traffic. And while we’re here, we can make some other changes to.


6. More tweaks

When given to option to choose a wireless mode, turn off the older 802.11b service. If you have older device, you’ll want to leave it on, but most households only have 802.11g devices lying around. By turning this feature off, you’ll be able to add a tiny extra speed boost.

7. Radio settings

Head over to the ‘Advanced Wireless’ page and gain some more speed by turning up the radio power to the maximum for a better signal distance. The ‘afterburner’ mode can be turned off if you have no wireless cards or dongles supporting this feature but make sure to turn on frame burst lower down the page.


8. Check the changes

Apply and save the changes you’ve just made. Your router will probably reboot and once everything is back online, run inSSIDer again to check if your wireless connection has actually changed to the new channel. If everything is as it should be, start enjoying your faster internet immediately. If you experience worse speeds, there may be other interference on the new channel, like a cordless phone, so try out a few until you find the best one. And if you need an even stronger signal, check out these wholesale Wi-Fi signal repeaters to boost your Wi-Fi signal even more!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.1.2013. | 16:02
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