End of an era for the PS2

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After 12 years as being the king on the computing console world, the Playstation 2 is finally going to be stopped being manufactured.  This black console  from Japan is finally going to put to rest, but don’t worry too much as games will still be made, with a big launch for a new game from the Final Fantasy series later on.

12 Years of the PS2

The Sony Playstaion 2 is still known as the best selling console of all time and was credited with the ability to play DVDs as well as video games.   It Is truly an end of an era for the PS2 but rumors are that the PS4 is under development with little news being leaked about specs and abilities.  To read more click here.

At Chinavasion, we have some non-big named branded products that come at a great wholesale price.  Want to get the kids something to entertain them well Chinavasion has a selection.

Android Gaming Tablet “Pearl”

Ever yearn for old school games like Super Mario, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter, Tetris, Zelda and all the other greats? With the “Peals” custom built OS based on everybody’s favorite open sources Android system as well as the built n hardware analog jpysticks and gaming buttons (no software input for this baby) this is not only possible but super easy to make a reality. Built in with MAME Arcade, NES, Nintendo 64, PS1, SNES, Gameboy, GBA and Sega Genesis/Megadrive emulator games all you need to do is either use the built in cloud “Game Center” app to directly install games or alternatively download your choice of games if not available on the cloud directly to your 8GB of internal memory for a great PLUG and PLAY experience. With 7 inch screen and high resolution screen and A9 high speed CPU; this excels for all your gaming needs.

Made not only for gamers with, you will also get the great tablet media functions you crave. Take photos, watch youtube videos, download and watch your movies and music, or use WiFi and Skype to chat with friends and family with its inbuilt face-time camera! With up to 5 hours of web surfing, whilst getting a load of your favorite blockbuster movies or top tunes, you can rest-assured without battery issues with its 3800mAh battery.

Multiplatform Handheld Gaming Entertainment Station “LetCool”

One portable game station to rule them all. The LetCool N350JP multi-platform handheld gaming entertainment station is now available for the public to enjoy! This next gen portable gaming systems is actually the third generation in recent portable game emulator advancement. In 2008 there was the Gemei X760, in 2009 the Dingoo A320, and now in 2010 we have the Letcool N350JP – the pinnacle in portable gaming and entertainment systems.

The Letcool N350JP is a portable multimedia system that is optimized for the playing of old school video games as well as the enjoyment of todays most popular digital music and video formats. With this handheld gaming system you get to do all of the following anytime you want; Play videogames from all the classics, watch movies (8 file formats), listen to music (10 file formats), enjoy all your video games and movies on your TV, Do your gaming with a friend (two player support!), Tune into your favorite FM Radio Station, Read ebooks, Take photos and view pictures and much more.

Pre-loaded with a fantastic selection of its own 3D games, you can also transfer thousands of game ROM files onto it to relive joys from the past, finish games you never did complete when you were younger, or just finally enjoy those games your parents never bought you for Christmas when you were a kid. If you enjoy portable gaming and especially old school gaming systems like the Nintendo SNES (SFC), Sega Genesis (MD), or Game Boy Advance (GBA) – then you will love the Letcool Multiplatform Handheld Gaming Entertainment Station!

With a high resolution 3.5 inch display and full sized action buttons, the LetCool N350JP makes all your games and media look good while being easy to play while you are on-the-go. Then when you get home, just use the include AV cable set to connect it to your TV and now you have a mini gaming console and entertainment hub for your home! You can enjoy it all by yourself or use the two included game pads to enjoy gaming with a friend.

7 Inch Sun Visor DVD Player with Gaming System and FM Transmitter

This 7 Inch Sun Visor DVD Player comes with region free DVD player and a gaming system with controller, as well as FM transmitter output that effortlessly syncs with your car’s audio system. It easily connects to your car battery and plays all types of multimedia disks such as DVD/VCD/CD (audio or MP3) in crystal clear 7 inch LCD splendor! What’s more, insert a USB flash drive or SD memory card into the player, and experience movies, songs, or even view pictures in the following media formats: MPEG 1/2/4, MP3, WMA, and JPEG. A world of fun for you and your passengers without all the installation hassles!

It gets even better! If you think having a built-in video game console would encourage the kids to shut their faces on those long trips to grandma’s house, then this 7 inch Sun Visor DVD Player with Gaming System is your best choice! A game disk and controller are included for their enjoyment and you’ll be the one to benefit from all the relaxation that “kids on vids” brings!

All these products and many more are in stock and ready to be sent. Join the Chinavasion community to take advantage of all the latest electronics and gaming systems at a great wholesale price.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.1.2013. | 14:44
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