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Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.12.2012. | 11:31

Ipega is a Hong Kong company based company that specializes in iPhone and iPad accessories. Improving the diversity of both products with cameras, speakers and other great add on accessories for improving the experience of iPhone and iPad users.

Ipega serve major markets in Eastern Europe, North America, Asia, Western Europe and Australia, therefore Ipega’s products must reach a high international standard in quality. Some of their customers are big franchise chains like Wal-Mart and Toys ‘R’ Us. At their facilities they have a manufacture engineering department and a R&D department to ensure all the products are perfectly designed and can offer the best to their abilities. Ipega have OEM experience of over 12 years and they import 100% of their materials and components. The company is known to design 8 new products a year, that is one new product almost every 6 weeks.

Chinavasion has a selection of some of the latest Ipega products on sale at a great wholesale price only at www.Chinavasion.com.

Foldable Bluetooth QWERTY Keyboard for iPad2 and the New iPad

Designed to perfectly fit your iPad 2 or iPad 3, this “Ipega” stand offers the ability to use your iPad as a monitor while you comfortable type without having to touch the keys on the iPad’s screen. You can increase your productivity as you can type in an upright and professional position due to the wireless Bluetooth keyboard. The foldable Bluetooth Keyboard has an operating distant of up to 8 meters so it is more than enough for using this product to either type up close or at a distance. A well designed flip stand is built in and positions your case to give you the ideal viewing angle when using your device.

A handset accompanies this “Ipega” Foldable Bluetooth keyboard, connect it to your phone via the 3.5mm audio jack at the end of the telephone’s cord and then you have the ability to use your iPad or iPhone like a normal household or office telephone. The handset telephone has two functional buttons as well, plus a 1.8 meter cord so you can walk back and forth while on the phone to family, friends or colleagues.

Bluetooth Speaker for iOS Devices, Android, Mobile Phone, Tablet PC “Ipega”

This portable wireless Bluetooth speaker by Ipega delivers quite a punch with 5 watts and a Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 80dB. Start a party wherever you are or just relax in the office with some background music. This conveniently sized speaker consumes little space but makes a noise once connected via Bluetooth. You can control it via your mobile phone or by physically pressing the control buttons located on the speaker. Play your Android or iPad’s MP3s via this quality speaker instead of listening to the tin sound that your phone or tablet produces. Up to 10 meters can be the distance between your bluetooth tablet or phone with the speaker, therefore you can be listening and controlling it while in another room if you choose to.

This 5 watt speaker unit can be wireless for up to 10 hours thanks to the built-in 1000mAh battery, therefore you can enjoy it in different locations without having to search for a power point however it can easily be recharged through a USB connection. AUX IN port is also available for even more compatibility.

LCD Digital Alcohol Tester for iPad, iPhone, iPod

This LCD Digital Alcohol Tester by Ipega is part of Chinavasion’s ever expanding iPhone, iPod, iPad accessory range. This pocket sized breathalyzer has a small but clear 0.9 inch LCD display that will inform you after using how much alcohol you have consumed. After a night in the pub or bar with some friends and having a catch up, you may feel confident enough to drive but this digital alcohol tester will display how much alcohol is in your system and then you will know if you are capable enough to drive home legally. Simply plug this is into your iPhone or iPad and wait for the 10 second countdown before you commence blowing.

Bluetooth Handset

If you like a mix of the latest gadgets with a dash of old and new school looks then this Bluetooth phone is definitely something for you! We all love our iPhones and android phones and we all want the coolest and most eye catching accessories we can get for them. Now with the “Ipega” bluetooth headset, astound your friends when you take out full sized yet very smooth and sexy looking handset, and see them turn green with envy with the cool retro feel! Best of all, all you have to do is simply connect this handset to your cell phone using Bluetooth technology just like any normal small bluetooth headset and away you go.

If you enjoy the very best and coolest looking accessories for your iPhone and iPad, Then come and have a browse to see what other exciting Ipega products we have.   Brought to you by the leader in wholesale cell phone accessories, Chinavasion.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.12.2012. | 11:31
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  1. Albert Hunter January 3, 05:04

    A bluetooth GPS should be a great seller. I have bought a Garmin unit which now allows me to use my IPad for marine and car navigation. The marine chart app which I bought now works. The Apple shop pointed out that the IPad needs to be connected to the internet for its GPS to work–a problem in the middle of the Pacific!
    The car stereo with GPS that I bought from you about 3.5 years ago gives excellent latitude and longditude positiions with its antenna under the deck. Such a wonderful unit is many 1000’s times better than the top of the line equipment that I had for navigation during the 1980’s when w sailed around the world in a leisurely way.
    I really love your products and your service is second to none.
    Happy New Year.

  2. juran January 3, 11:56


  3. Shirley January 7, 09:38

    please check http://www.chinavasion.com to see the price list, thank you.

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