Dropshipping Explained In This Video

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.12.2012. | 13:29

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our customer service department gets many daily questions about how dropshipping works and how you could start a dropshipping business. That’s why we have made this awesome “dropshipping explained” video for you.

We decided to keep this plain and educational, we hope you love it! Of course, if you have ANY questions about dropshipping left after watching, just leave a comment in this blog or on the Youtube video page. We will answer your questions with lightning speed. click this link for more information on Chinavasion’s wholesale dropshipping to learn how your could benefit.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.12.2012. | 13:29
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  1. Carson Cadogan December 25, 21:04

    I want to drop ship your products on ebay.
    Where do i go from here?

  2. mücahit aydo?an December 27, 01:42

    a good site

  3. mucahit aydogan December 27, 01:45

    a good site
    Dropshipping is a great website for

  4. Joe December 28, 05:18

    sounds good but what about packaging i.e. can it look like it was sent from my site (when I build one) or have my company name on it – what about receipt – what about returns?

  5. Yogaris December 28, 08:07

    This video answered the questions I had several weeks ago. Nice job!

  6. Norman Richardson December 29, 00:26

    This is something I want. Will get it started.

  7. Miguel Pèrez Garcia December 30, 19:33

    me gustaria conocer mejor la forma de pago, me gustaria que fuera al al entrega

  8. Shirley January 7, 09:56

    You can watch it directly from here:

  9. Shirley January 7, 10:19

    Hi Norman, for more dropshipping service questions, please contact support@chinavasion.com

  10. Shirley January 7, 10:27

    Hi Joe,
    We’ll never disclose to your customers who we are so your customers wont find us. Regarding your company name on the receipt,I regret that we can’t leave your information on invoice as we need to leave a real sender’s information in case courier need information from sender. For the returns, you can ask your customer to return the product to us, for the return information, you may contact us then.

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