Strange Women In The Night, A Must See Survival Guide For Shenzhen

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Shenzhen in 1982, unfortunately this is still what some people think Shenzhen is like now

By Michael Wong

Coming to China, from Canada, by way of Hong Kong: I was very surprised by how generous friends and family were with advice on how to survive in China.

“Oh you’re going to work in Shenzhen? Beware of pickpockets! They’re everywhere!”

“Watch out for counterfeit currency when taking a taxi. A lot of drivers take your real note, pretend to examine it and in the process substitute it for a fake one, then hand it to you as if returning your original and say that your money is fake!”

And this one from my dear mom…

“If strange women come knocking in the middle of the night, don’t open the door!”


Despite further pleading, she would not elaborate.

I decided that I was going to need to review this advice after a little time as we say, ‘in the field’.

So having been here for a whole month now, here are my findings.

Firstly, I am happy to report that so far I have not been pick pocketed.

I keep my money in two places. A small amount, notes in denominations under 10 RMB and coins go in my nylon wallet, which I keep in my front pocket chained to the belt loops on my jeans.

I also keep roughly 100 RMB for emergencies in a waist money holder under my shirt. Of course, now that the whole world is reading this, I’ll have to find somewhere to put it.

Personally, I’m of the opinion that if you walk around in life with your head in the clouds, without paying attention to your surroundings then you’re just asking to be pick pocketed. It basically comes down to being street-wise.

Finding your way around…. A map of Shenzhen districts (Source Wikipedia)

Secondly, in my various dealings, I did receive a fake 1 RMB coin (or so I was told at a convenience store while trying to buy a pack of smokes).

The clerk pointed out to me that it was counterfeit and wouldn’t accept it. I just shrugged and took out another coin. Five minutes later, I boarded a bus and deposited the coin in question in the drop box.

No questions asked.

Lastly, I live in a wonderfully spacious condo in, Dongmen a retail area in the Luohu district of Shenzhen. Dongmen is a shopper’s paradise with bargains to be had everywhere on anything from jeans, to seasonal decorations, to toys to the latest in electronics.

Everything here is darn good and darn cheap.

So far no strange women have come knocking on my door in the middle of the night. I do get a million flyer’s for nearby restaurants slipped under my door though. Ahh…maybe one day soon mom. One day soon.

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Author xlxmarketing 10.3.2009. | 15:37
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  1. george March 11, 17:28

    If strange women come knocking in the night, that is presumably just the add-on room service massageee, and there is nothing to be worried about unless you happen to be a priest.

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