50 years of Bond, James Bond – A look at some of the gadgets then and now

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The name’s Bond… James Bond. It has been 50 years of James Bond and here at Chinavasion we will celebrate by comparing the gadgets that were used in previous films with the gadgets that were are on offer at Chinavasion. Also we will see what gadgets we could have offered Mr. 007 James Bond on some of his missions.

First up is a gadget from the 1971 classic Diamonds Are Forever, this is the Fingerprint Scanner that was used by Tiffany Case. At the time fingerprint scanners were something that were unheard of. At Chinavasion we have a huge diverse content of fingerprint recognition gadgets and devices.

Click here to see a full range of fingerprint recognition gadgets.  This is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to what fingerprint recognition gadgets Chinavasion have on offer.

This portable security box with fingerprint recognition is ideal for hiding your jewelry or private documents in case you are having a top international spy over for a cup of tea. Simply use your fingerprint to open this executive biometric security box and without worry about lost keys or people memorizing your combination locks. This portable security box utilizes cutting-edge fingerprint biometric lock technology and is perfect for keeping things like expensive jewelry, firearms, important documents, and other valuables.

This biometric fingerprint safe is built with a thick, high grade 16-gauge cold rolled steel and thick memory retentive foam interior. It also comes with a high-strength security cable that secures it to furnishings in your home, car, RV, office or motel, giving you double the protection. This fingerprint security box is a very easy and secure way to store your valuables. The fingerprint system uses a single finger swipe as its locking mechanism and can handle a maximum of 120 fingerprint template


Another great fingerprint gadget that would need a high powered laser to crack is the new ultimate solution in business and home security, the Aegis Premium Fingerprint Door Lock. This biometric door lock with deadbolt features 3 forms of entry (fingerprint, access code, and key) for when only the highest quality in door entry security is acceptable.

The thoughtful design of using a high grade fireproof aluminum body and double layer lock panel is just a symbol of the trust you can place in the Aegis Fingerprint Door Lock, which represents heavy duty, high quality security. Throw in a deadbolt lock to double the protection and you have one of the most impregnable fingerprint systems known to man. This Fingerprint Door Lock is impossible to break into, but for those who have clearance, access is easy and only takes a few seconds.


This great gadget that requires fingerprint recognition is an USB 2.0 flash disk.

Set boundaries, reduce stress, stop family members from snooping around your precious files or prevent business colleagues from gaining access to your private data files at lunch time with this Cost effective, Biometric 2.0 USB Fingerprint reader and software. This product utilizes the unique nature of your fingerprint patterns to limit unauthorized access to your PC and enhances private file security, with its advanced file protection features. Now only you will have the codes to release a total nuclear apocalypse before establishing your own Totalitarian regime.


In 1985, Roger Moore starred as James Bond in A View to Kill. In this movie James Bond used special polarized sunglasses to see through tinted windows. Chinavasion doesn’t quite have the same product but does have sunglasses that can do a lot more, with built-in headphones and mp3, you can even watch your favorite movies when out and about.

The Portable Video Glasses are for anyone who has ever thought it would be possible to carry around a gadget that could give you a cinematic experience with a surround sound system.  This awesome industry leading portable video glass with AV function and great optical and sound quality makes it possible. This is unique device simulates a 72–inch built-in crystal clear virtual cinema screen that makes you feel as if you are in the real theater! This product is not just a gadget; it’s your personal entertainment zone where movies, TV shows and games come to life! Moreover, it has a fashionable black design that matches with all your outfits.  Watch From Russian with Love even when are far away from anything Russian.

This product only weights 80 gram, so you can take with you wherever and whenever you want. Whether you are on the beach, in a park, or in a long haul flight, just graph your glasses and start playing your favorite songs, TV shows and movies. This multifunction device supports AV IN connection. Simply connect the glasses with game consoles, smart phones, DVD, TV, and PC. Built-in 4 GB memory storage space allows you to store all your favorite media files.


We have another pair for anyone who thinks they are stylish and love the latest technology. These smooth looking sunglasses with MP3 player.

A Bluetooth headset is built discreetly into these cool looking sunglasses frames, which can be paired with a Bluetooth mobile phone. From there, you answer calls, reject calls, redial, and much more. Also included is a built-in mic for talking and high quality earphones for listening. When a call comes in, just click one of the buttons on the side for easy control – and to look awesome.

These Bluetooth MP3 Player Sunglasses also come with 4GB of flash memory (roughly 1,000 songs) and provide you with exceptional stereo sound through the high quality earphones. Simply put them on, and presto, these cool looking MP3 shades will provide you with the flexibility of listening to you favorite music with style, convenience, and ease.


For a true cinematic experience for your digital media,  these portable video glasses with 72 inch display, 4GB of internal memory and microSD card port is hard to beat

Why stare at small screens when you are on the go when this portable head mounted display video glasses gives you a virtual 72–inch cinema screen? Imagine your digital videos coming to life as if you were in a theater! Added to this you will be getting 4GB micro SD card with purchase to store your media, but the ability to also inert up to 32 more GB via micro SD card for hours of digital entertainment. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, you can keep these media glasses on for hours without issue. Also with adjustable focus to get the video playing as you like it and a adjustable back-strap that molds to your head shape, comfort is virtually guaranteed.


I am sure many old school Bond fans remembered when Goldfinger tried to slice Bond into two with a laser, well, the part many men remembered was that Bond was tied down and split legged with the laser heading directly towards his ‘jewels’.


Chinavasion has a few lasers of their own, which are more friendly to the genitals.  The 350mW RGB Laser Projector is a good way to start your laser experience.

This laser projector includes a generous 2GB SD memory card, and with full RGB color animation, ILDA and 128 pre-programmed animations. Ideal for playing animations or lasers in sync with the music system in bars, nightclubs, parties, raves, pubs or home. Featuring a full range of functions including; sound active, auto beam, auto animation and SD control, this laser show system is great value. Its 10k scanner capabilities mean it will function at high speed, allowing for an amazing laser show!


Bond was known for having useful handheld gadgets and therefore Chinavasion also believes that this Mini Laser Effects Projector fits the needs for today’s mobile society.

Until recently, laser shows have been something you could only see in professional clubs and million-dollar show productions. Now, this advanced piece of technology is finally within reach of everyone! The “Loopy Laser” transforms walls and ceilings into a magical light show experience. With a simple press of a button you can turn on the laser and switching between a single green laser dot and a moving red/green laser pattern is done by turning a switch on the side of the device. Fitting in the palm of your hand, this Mini Laser Projector is designed for indoors as well as outdoor use and will give your parties that extra twist!


Here is just a fraction of what Chinavasion has to offer, the latest Android phones that Bond would have found useful 50 years back as he fought Dr. No, or the latest car DVD player to fit in his Aston Martin DB5 as he is being chased by some minority henchmen. If Chinavasion was around when Q was around I am sure we could have saved him a lot of time and effort coming up with cool and useful gadgets. You can become your own spy with cool gadgets by logging on to Chinavasion and purchasing some of our great deal at wholesale price. Just remember Chinavasions’ products are shaken, not stirred when it comes to prices.


To read more about Bond and his gadgets please visit Gizmodo

Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.12.2012. | 14:29
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